Wooden bowl

The wooden bowl we call it a 'nap'. There's a children's verse about it most children will likely not remember or they never learned it because school is no longer what it is and most parents are too busy to invest time teaching there children the old rhymes and verses. I assume it's to learn how to pronounce well...

Op de Bibelebonse berg wonen Bibelebonse mensen en die Bibelebonse mensen eten Bibelebonse pap met een Bibelebonse lepel uit een Bibelebonse nap.

Practise it (Bi-be-le-bon-se) and say it fast. If you can you are most likely a fast reader and speaker. Someone who doesn't need to add a pause or "uhmmm" behind every word which isn't very attractive and will scare away many if you teach this way or lecture someone.

Time is up "Bibelebonse" took me a big part of my writing time and... It's getting late. I haven't done much today because of a slow, painful start. I still need to by vitamins for my daughter, the tofu is soaking for a try out (spaghettisaus this time but not in the woiden bowl this one is for nuts or potatochips)

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