In case of emergency

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Eggs and bunnies are Eastern food
at least if they are made out of chocolate
'cause chocolate is the best for one's mood.

A mouthful helps if you are out of phrases,
or suffer from a brain fart
it even blurs bad odours and fights dirty tastes.

It's super food for children, man and wife.
Love is back with a bite, in a heart beat.
It promises the ultimate being-in-love life.

It's for you and me, no longer only for royalty.
It doesn't matter who you are.
Wealthy, poor, young, old, organized or sloppy.

Happiness in a bar is what we all can buy
and that's the reason why
I use it to ease the pain of my latest parking ticket.

Loads of chocolate are hidden in my drawer secretely.
You can call it sneaky, reckless, an addiction or greedy
but... they are all meant for in case of emergency.

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