Three years Steemit is worth it.

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If you join this platform as long as I am you went through a lot of changes.
What you might have noticed is #steem is doing great and is back at where it once started. This is a good sign and means Steem is worth investing and not only Steem but #Tron (TRX) as well.

One year ago I said I would not turn my back onto this platform. I am not reckless, not naive plus simply invested too much in it. I invested way more thanany of you can inmagine.
I am a mobile users only and also one with a very slow connection. This means to realize being here, to post my contests I need to wake up at the strangest hours to give it a try. I drive around in the wide area to find a good connection, it means everything takes me at least ten times more time than those who sit behind their computer and have access to the internet, Steemit within a few minutes. I wish I had this option too but unfortunately I have not.

I struggle on and make long lists of everything I need to do once I found a connection. Everything means posting, reading, commenting, upvoting but also doing my administration, sending necessary letters and so much more.

Today I had a look at
A look means I invested several hours to figure "it" out. It's still there just like but I am not sure if it operates well, which tokens are still given or worth investing in.
Steemworld I hardly used because it's hard to load but if it comes to I frequently used it to reward with comment-coin for example.
I noticed a part of all tokens are gone and what is left I can not lay hands on with a mobile phone anylonger.
I guess it's the punishment for being a mobile phone user only. You do not count. I notice it nearly each day. Sites are too heavy, not visible or look terrible on a mobile phone. Parts of it you cannot use (trading apps for example). They lock you out. You can subscribe but not join for real.

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You really are putting a lot of time and energy into this platform. It is weird that the apps are not working for mobile. My understanding is that in many countries most people are using mobile and not computers.
Personally, if I had to use only mobile, I don't think I would be on here.
Respect to you!

The apps... most of them are no real apps for phones but computers or you have the basics only.
I thought by now I would have be used to it but it still gives me stress somehow and on the other had I am glad if I managed it. It's just that it eats a lot of time and it is frustrating if I cannot sign in.

Happy Sunday

I understand your frustration. Glad that you are keeping on :)

I like to write and since I have hardly other hobbies... 🥴💖

Well, my good friend, you are really putting in a lot to make this system work, because you believe in the system thats awesome. I think its hightime you get a laptop cos that would help you more

I doubt I will ever have a laptop. Way too expensive plus the power is frequently, unexpected switched off (bad for the battery) and with a phone I can write everywhere plus have easier access to the internet.

its ok my good friend steem on, I will always look up to you

i got a little over 4 years i think starting from the first encounter and the first account, im glad i kept up b/c when i came in it was flagwars and protection rackets with steemcleaners and minnowbooster - then they dumped the price and told us all to bring our grandma and some money
then there was the takeover

and now im getting steem, sbd AND trx and the dollar is at $10

it makes me want to hold my breath somehow

and yea kitty wu, you certainly put in a hellalol of effort, i see a lot of people getting $50 for a picture of a plant or their breakfast ... the curse of not being in-crowd

let's go for 40 more years after the first 4 then, and hope we get time to spend it instead of dying rich

people with an outspoken opinion thats not currently fashionable or trending tend to have it harder but i guess thats just how it works between mundanes, the middle of the bell-curve, the fringe, the outsiders, the outcasts and

the freaks

(thats me)

still , i think people who have their own opinion are a lot more interesting than those who watch the trending section before deciding what to post today ;-)

here's to 40 more years and pizzas in venice hahah

As for the missing tokens on steem-engine, is it possible those projects (and therefore their tokens) migrated to hive? I know a few projects I had tokens with did. My hive-engine account has the tokens now.

I checked that and noticed a part migrated to hive (all useless by now). Thanks for your respond. 👍💖