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"There you are!" Graham Wild came out of nowhere like a gremlin. "We are in a private room."

Like a hatchet, no one knew his name. Or did they?

Like the breeze, he blew in, and everyone noticed.

Like a razor, his looks could kill.

Like a hawk, he wore leather when he could.

Like a ham, Persephone Dreaming stood up sudden as a stroke, tears streaming, and started screaming: "You never really loved me."

Like a viper, he hissed: "You never really grasped the protocol of true love."

Like an egg, Jeffery Jennings cracked, "I spilled spoiled crawdads on my three-piece, and it flaked out in the milk."

Like a fork-tongued pit viper, Graham Wild lashed: "There shall be no redress!"

It was almost as if it were a dream. Like it dreamt it ended for now.

Make that ball hit the boy behind you.

Do all the good things, for all the wrong reasons.

Make your mistress the most beautiful tapestry while your wife is on vacation, then give it to your wife when she comes home.

Burn your mistress at the stake like all the ghost-dust settling silvery into potters' forgotten fields.

Comb your hair until tomorrow.

Heck, do it until next week.

If you miss a dish, you better break it. Tomorrow it will be too late. It will never be clean.

Clara White took possession of Graham Wild across these malefic dreams-pebbles thrown into the watery depths, and the private room gasped. Its speckled white corners crumpled in.

Tired as all hell, and heck who wouldn't be after being stuck in a private room with your mistress for 3 aeons after a demon supposedly calling herself Clara White possessed the incoming person of gremlin Graham Wild, all dressed to kill and with a pistol aimed at the very purpose, and his mistress Persephone Dreaming's very person, and who could guess who he might shoot next, but none of that came to pass when the demon came...

And for 3 aeons spit prophecy riddled with skits about unicorns and their proton friends...and over the course of their time spent listening to Graham speak in a shrill falsetto all these bizarre nonesuch forecasts....the strands of destiny did entwine.....

And all the while Persephone Dreaming for 3 aeons was kept up, listening, and all the while crying and crying....

And what with all those salty streams sent south...

These ain't the antediluvian days ain't nowhere on earth no more....

And when the demon left, the sermon stoppered, then ancient Persephone Dreaming climbed tender and supplicating sorry into ancient Graham Wild her husband's care....

Meanwhile ancient Jeffery Jennings slunk into the sea.........

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~recently, dear freereader, your compatriot @owasco asked me why I choose the pictures I choose for my posts. The fact is-.. for me creative writing is more toward the level of a passion, while taking pictures is more toward the level of a hobby. This is a long way of saying, there is not usually a direct connection between the writing and the photo for me: mainly I just don't want to send out a post with no photo at all: that would be really unappealing. Or am I wrong?

Anyway recently I was tinkering, and I found out how to make collages. This photo is one of those~



A mind unleashed!!!! Awesome! I wish I could do this. @kimberlylane can do this. I think she has left us, but you might be interested in her stories that are still here. Hopefully I spelled it right. She was one of my first freewriter loves.

Photos - I was once told that they were necessary for curation. I felt funny using something from the internet, so for the first time in my life I started taking photos. With my phone, and I got really into it.

Now I try to go non-electronic for several hours a day, mid afternoon, and don't want to take my stupid phone with me. So no more photos for me, or very few. I should get a real camera. Learn how to develop the old way. I think that could turn out to be a passion for me.

AND CHECK OUT MY UPVOTE VALUE!!!! I can upvote a post with zero in the payout field!

WOOOOT! I'm happy you finally became a woman-worth-her-salt around here.

Maybe some day I will become a man-worth-his-salt on steemit. But obviously not anytime soon. It's kinda surprising how high up you have to get to have any VP at all.....

....but yeah, I did feel like I had a lil extra juice going into this one. "A mind unleashed" might be just it....

But it's never really me doing anything.......just inspiration

You need big guns to delegate to you. @namiks delegated 500sp to me for many months. It really helped. I don't think he is active anymore.

Yeah baby though that freewrite was soaring in the skies high above! Really dig it.

Yeah baby that though
those are the impossible skies
I never knew
I wanted to fly
I believe
you know~

Imagination Matters!

Owasco, yes! Imagination so Matters!

Quick heads up. I maybe and most likely will not be freewriting until Thursday this week :(. Too many other shenanigans to tend to. Still be reading them though. Well prolly not all of them.

Feel free to check out my other posts in the mean-time.

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