Freewrite -- Day 1221

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Today's #freewrite is dedicated to @owasco. O waw r u ever going to be pissed when u see this. I am so sorry for submitting y'all to my raw sentiment, but that's just the kind of guy I am.


O Owasco
dear Fair o Owasco
the hope-flowers sang silent songs of praise
the day I met you.

In truth, you are fairer to me
than any flower.

In truth high praise this be,
for most men and women
are no more than
skin-bags of toxic waste sustained
by a hint of grace.

While most flowers are angels
who tired of heaven
for the time being.

In another life,
when I am not quite I,
and you are not quite you,
I'd like to marry you.

Then we'll take coffee together,
and share all the pretty sunsets.

Alas I'm certain I'll never really meet you
And whosoever said life isn't a tragedy?

#freedom #writing #termites #smilesmatter


I am verklempt!
and hope you never see
how unkempt
I truly be

I wouldn't want you to be any different than you are.

Except maybe verklempt. I don't know that I'd wish verklemptitude upon you. That's a chewy noodle.


A good name for a kosher instant ramen soup!!!!!

I have to stop playing now. Stupid dog is stupid sick and I have to take said stupid dog to an even stupider vet. But it's been real...

Good luck!


You're such a good poet man!

Thanks man! And thank you so much for looking into what I do.

I prolly won't post this here, but I thought you should know...

Minnesota and New York aren't that far apart. ... I think this has a great tone for a modern love poem. It expresses genuine feeling, yet the poet seems to be self-conscious of that feeling. I see a sardonic tone in the second-to-last stanza, a sense that 'isn't this lovey dovey thing kind of ridiculous'. I think that works very well to make the genuine feeling more believable. As opposed to the unfettered passion of, say, a Shakespearean sonnet, which no modern reader would buy. Obviously, if the object of affection loves the poem, that's the real barometer of success! I think she did.

Heyye cliffagreen, thanks for the comment. As pertains to the stanza about coffee and sunsets I will have to defend myself 'gainst your spell-checking ways and say that there is absolutely no irony at play here, and those small intimate life moments (not to mention your personal handling of them) are the true things love is made of.

Just kidding, my friend, about the spell-checking thing.

As pertains to William Shakespeare (((aside: (in a whisper): wee willy wanking windbag von spear-shaking von shakespeare esq. sir, ya know the one with the giant ruffles))), I have the intention of reading every last one of his plays before I kick any buckets, and to my great misfortune I have only read about 7 so far.

Right now I'm reading Helena Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled on my Amazon Kindle app.

What have you been reading lately?

Dune by Frank Herbert. First time through. Before that I was rereading the Gap series by Stephen R. Donaldson. So I guess you can tell I'm into SciFi. Though Dune has a nice mix of science fiction and fantasy.

Very nice. I recently finished my first read-through of Steven Erikson's epic fantasy series The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Erikson himself said he was heavily inspired by Dune. I read one of Donaldson's novellas once and it was really good.

I highly recommend the Gap series. The story takes off and doesn't relent through all five books.

Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds like something I'd like.

Hey I just published a work of "barbaric fantasy fiction" over on the Stars community. It is an installment piece that is concluded in the link below. Links to all the other parts of the story are neatly included therein.

Please check it out if you have time.

Okay. I'm starting a new job today so I'll look at it tonight.

Okay. I'm starting
A new job today so I'll
Look at it tonight.

                 - cliffagreen

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