IMPORTANT! SteemAuto Upvote Service Migration

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You can follow members and trails using SteemAuto and automatically upvote your favorite posts.

And we have been using SteemAuto for our curation trail.

But this tool was recently migrated to a new address so please stop using the old one and use the new one!

Important 1: Remove posting auth here
Make sure to "Save Changes" after removed.

Important 2: Register to new SteemAuto

You can use SteemAuto to automatically upvote other members posts, but "Curation Trail" feature is very important to us and for all our community members!

So please consider following our curation trail 😉

How to follow our trail here

Join our curation trail here for more rewards 😉


STEEM POWER Delegation

SP delegators will receive monthly payout depends of how much you delegate to @japansteemit.

100 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP3000 SP

Help Us, Help You!

⭐ Steem Japan Wannabe? ⭐

If you don't live in Japan but want to join our community and contests? now you CAN 🎉
Delegate your STEEM POWER to @japansteemit, our curation account.
You will become a SP Delegator Member.
Japanese language is preferred but not a must since not everybody speaks Japanese.
So English is okay too.

Come + Mingle with us (ディスコードサーバー)

👉 Join Steem Japan Discord


 2 months ago 

Done update and followed curation trail.

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