Steem Japan Community Update: 6/10/2021

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This week in Steem Japan Community

We are 700+ subscribers and active post is up this week 💪

SP Delegation

This week we had @juichi increased his delegations to 500 SP so thank you so much!
And he also became our community MOD and he will help us energize the community together.
Steem Japan: 新しいコミュニティーモデレーター
He has a good idea for our next contest and already working on it so stay tune for the contest details.

Curation trail is back!

We had to switch our curation trail to a new one so please stop using the old one and join the new trail here.

We have 13 followers so far but we need more! So please follow our trail. This will help all our community contents.

More about new curation trail and how to join here
IMPORTANT! SteemAuto Service Migration
Steem Japan: Join New Curation Trail

@japansteemit Community Account


Post rewards are not great, but curation rewards are little better than last week and our curation trail is working again so this will pick up more next week, hopefully.

Effective power is up 8,852.62 SP ( 1,796.14 + 7,056.47 ) now.
STEEM POWER 1,796.140 STEEM (+7,056.473 STEEM)
TRX 181.495 TRX
Estimated Account Value $999.93

Last week, we powered up about 1000 SP so we have been busy curating community contents, especially the contest post!

June Food Photo Contest

This contest will end this weekend but still have time!
Post your food photo and win some STEEM!

We have had a lot of entries like these 👇

If you win, you will receive 5 STEEM per post and you can post multiple times so you have a chance to win up to 50 STEEM.

AND we added a BONUS 💰💰💰

If you follow our curation trail, your prize will be 2x(doubled)! so come join us!
Post as much as you can and win prizes.
And don't forget to follow our curation trail 😉

We have another contest coming up after the food contest and more details will be posted after the food contest so stay tuned for that!

That is all for this week.

Team Steem Japan

Join our curation trail for more rewards 😉

Follow our curation trail hereキュレーショントレールをフォローしよう!
image.pngFollow @japansteemit Trail

STEEM POWER Delegation

SP delegators will receive monthly payout depends of how much you delegate to @japansteemit.

100 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP3000 SP

Help Us, Help You!

⭐ Steem Japan Wannabe? ⭐

If you don't live in Japan but want to join our community and contests? now you CAN 🎉
Delegate your STEEM POWER to @japansteemit, our curation account.
You will become a SP Delegator Member.
Japanese language is preferred but not a must since not everybody speaks Japanese.
So English is okay too.

👉 Join Steem Japan Discord (ディスコードサーバー)


 2 months ago 

I will continue to help in our community, and I will dedicate my time for further development.
Thank you @japansteemit for your trust.

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