Steem Japan: June Contest and More Delegations! @dasomee + @angma 🤩

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We received more SP delegations!


Thank you @angma and @dasomee!!!

They joined our community recently and they are both pretty active on this platform. Their posts have been upvoted by our curation account and trail today but if you haven't please support their posts 👇



With their delegation, @angma(10 SP) and @dasomee(200 SP), our curation account has 7292 SP effective power. Thank you for your delegations 🙂

SP デレゲーションできる人いましたら、ご協力ください!

1st contest is coming soon (starts this weekend)

We have 100 STEEM for prizes. We are thinking 2 contests this month, 50 STEEM each.
First contest will run for a week and it is all about food pictures.
Contest tag: #japanfood

We are going to use this "Picker Wheel" winners.

10 posts will win 5 STEEM each, total 50 STEEM for this contest, but this will be a post base contest so you can post many times during the contest and you could win 50 STEEM if you are really lucky!

2nd contest will be a photo contest also, but not sure what is going to be.
Maybe color? maybe car? or maybe something else.
or you have better ideas?

6月は1週間づつのコンテストを2回やろうかと思います。コンテストの為に100 STEEM貰ったので、賞金 50 STEEM、2回を予定しています。
コンテストタグは  #japanfood で行こうと思います。
投稿ベースの当選となるので、ラッキーだったら一人が50 STEEM貰えるかも。

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STEEM POWER Delegation

SP delegators will receive monthly payout depends of how much you delegate to @japansteemit.

100 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP3000 SP

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So English is okay too.

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