#club5050 Always power up and delegate to build the japansteemit community, 10% for japansteemit

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Hello all steemian friends! On this occasion I will tell you all how to make steemian a part of the people who want to participate in the success of the program from the steemit team a few weeks ago. Yes, it is the #club5050 program. The program echoed by the steemit team is indeed very viral, in fact almost all steemians publish it through posts poured on this great platform, either by using the 5050 tag or so. But that's still not enough to realize what the steemit team wants. Because the core of this program is not just a matter of theory. No matter how many posts we post to publish tiori, if we don't realize what's in tiori, we can be sure we are not part of the steemian section who wants to run the #club5050 program. Strengthening and growing your account is part of the #club5050 goal. But the most urgent thing in surfing in the world of steemit will be impossible if we don't power up. It's not just power ups! But you have to do power ups more often than disburse steem or sbd to rupiah if you can and if you want to be successful it's better you can do 80% power ups in each of your rewards, no matter how big the ride is. You can see how my wallet is doing in the last few days;



Actually, there is no need to know what the purpose of this #club5050 program is, because they know and understand better what is best for all of us. With capital as a junior steemian who relies on support from seniors and from accounts that have the authority to logically give upvotes, we must follow any advice from the steemit team. Because basically we will never grow and develop without their support. Ironically, the support that makes this city grow and become great on the steemit platform will be easy for us to get by following any program that is echoed by the steemit team. Moreover, the #club5050 program has been clearly informed to all of us with the aim of getting positive values ​​and avoiding various negative impacts if we want to participate in the success of the #club5050 program.

After I power a few times, I also add my steem power delegation to the community that has helped me so far. I added the delegate to 140 SP. But this will continue if I get support from great people on steemit again.



Personally, in the future I am also very ambitious to join the #club75 and #club100 programs. Of course, I couldn't have realized this without the support of all of you. Hopefully the post can be useful for me and can also be a motivator for all steemian friends in the success of the #club5050, #club100, and #club75 programs proposed by the steemit team and also our common goal so that we get a lot of positive values ​​from this extraordinary program .

That's all from me, please input and support from all steemians

Special Thanks To Steem Japan Team
@cryptokannon ADMIN
@tomoyan ADMIN
@japansteemit MOD
@yasu24 MOD
@yasu MOD
@juichi MOD


Best Regard @joel0


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@joel0 さん、こんにちは。

Steemitチームがアップボートしてくれるので #steemexclusive のタグ、 パワーアップしたときは #club5050 のタグを使って下さい。
Power Up and use #club5050 #steemexclusive for more upvotes from Steemit team.
How to use #steemexclusive 使い方
How to use #club5050 使い方

💡 Curation Guide (アップボートガイド) 💡

  • Post about Japan (Japanese or English)
  • Set 10~30% reward to japansteemit
  • No upvote if you power down 100%
  • Upvote community posts
  • Follow our Curation Trail HERE
  • Delegate SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP

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