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There are many people who are conditionally godly; If his condition is good, then he is a god, he praises God, he is grateful to God and he is diligent in worshiping. However, if his condition is not good, then he begins to doubt God, questioning His goodness and glory, even if his condition is very bad he becomes an atheist who does not believe in God at all.

I remember when I was a child, I often saw Indian films where the actors threatened God. When it comes to the scene where the actor is hit by a big accident and in constant difficulty, the protagonist screams with all his might: "God, if you don't help me now, then I won't worship you". Lightning also boomed hearing the threat as if his Lord had responded and finally his difficulty in granting his request seemed afraid of losing a servant.

Most agnostics or atheists today arise from this conditional divinity. Some are not strong enough to see the calamity that has happened to them or those around them. Some are disgusted with the actions of religious people who are only sweet in the mouth but feel their behavior is rotten and hypocritical. They choose to be godless or indifferent to divinity because of such despair and disgust. The ostensibly true philosophical thoughts about atheism were sought later and tweaked to cover up the reasons for his desperation.

The mistake of such a person is to make God a supreme public servant. He considered God as a versatile helper who had to obey his wishes, otherwise he would get angry, he threatened and even fired him from God's position. For him the figure of God is like a big alien outside this planet who eavesdrops and monitors all his daily actions and has an interest to be worshiped by humans so that humans have the bargaining power to say: "If you help me, then I worship you. If not, then nothing. My business is with you just hanging out up there."

If he wanted to think a little, why did he worship God from the start, a general servant who must serve him and be obliged to help with his affairs and interests? Why would he worship a God who is nothing more than an alien figure who needs that cooperation? From the start he himself was stupid for worshiping a weak God.

An enlightened person will not worship such a God. The one who deserves to be worshiped is God, the Most High, Free Willing as He pleases, Almighty so that it cannot be regulated or coerced, So Rich who does not need anything. Because of His perfection, we should bow and prostrate to worship Him. Because we are very weak, then we should acknowledge his greatness. It is precisely because of the absolute power to disobey anyone's wishes that God deserves to be considered God. Precisely because we have the right to do whatever we want without anyone being able to pressure or control Him, we worship Allah and deify Him.

Therefore, the enlightened person is not conditionally god but god in every condition. If he gets good, then he is grateful to God. If something bad happens, then he is patient with faith.

That's all from me, please input and support from all steemians

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