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There is someone who wrote at length to prove that the Borobudur Temple was made by the Prophet Solomon. Various small details are sought and then assembled to look suitable and then matched. In fact, all can see directly that it is a Buddhist temple which contains a lot of Buddhist stupas. The reliefs clearly tell the story of Buddha's teachings. Its structure, shape, location, time of establishment and all basic information about this temple do not at all refer to the figure of Prophet Sulaiman bin Daud and the teachings of Tawhid that he brought. But even the brightest facts are ignored in favor of selecting bits of data to match.

The same thing applies to some modern commentators of the Qur'an. Some have written at length to prove that in the Qur'an there are indications that support the conclusion of perennial philosophy that all religions are basically the same way of salvation which only differs in external aspects but has the same core and leads to the same God. The verses of al-Baqarah: 62, al-Maidah: 69 and al-Hajj: 17 are the most frequently used for this purpose.

In order to seem compatible with their ideas, a number of other verses that assert that Islam is the only religion accepted by Allah and that non-Muslims will go to hell and even eternal life in it are simply ignored. The pillars of faith and the pillars of Islam seem to have never existed. Various hadiths that explain who goes to heaven and who goes to hell are deliberately forgotten. The reproach of the Qur'an on gods other than Allah seems to have never been written. The 23-year long da'wah carried out by the Prophet Muhammad to the extent of going through various wars to explain that Islam is the only religion that is pleased with Allah as if it had never happened.

They are like farmers who throw rice fields to pick up grains of soil that fall from pedestrian sandals. It is not necessary to collect a long academic degree to know this kind of reasoning error.

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