Day 1 Of Quarantine In Tokyo

in Steem Japanlast month

Woke up at 3:45am today. Jetlag is so nice going west compared to going east. The other thing that's nice about this jetlag is I get to see the sun rise. It comes up at around 5am in Japan and like most of you, I would never be up that early!


Today is my first official day of quarantine. I'll spend the next 14 days cooped up in my house driving my wife and kids crazy. The government is contacting me everyday and requiring me to contact them twice a day to check in my location and to report my health condition.

Earlier today I was expecting the government to contact me via Skype, so I got a notification and clicked on it. Turns out it was some "woman" seeking men. I thought for a second, there's no way this could be associated with the Japanese government could it? Then I realized, no, it's some spam, so I ignored it.

It's now 3pm and still no call from the government. Normally I wouldn't care, but because the forms they have you sign at the airport say "Your name will be published and your visa may be revoked if you break any of the rules" I'm a little nervous. Then again, it's their job to contact me, not the other way around so It should be fine.

Other than that, the day has been uneventful. I'm just happy to be home with my family.


I heard the city will send you water and junk food and stuff because you have to stay home?

Really? I haven't heard that, but I'll look into it today. Not that I would get any because my kids would eat it all!