Macro Photography : Very unique little insects [Set reward 10% @japansteemit]

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Hello all steemit friends, good night and greetings to meet again, hopefully we are all healthy always and can continue to share our best work here, tonight I want to share a post about small insects, namely forest mushrooms, as follows.

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

Well my friends, this very unique little insect is a jamuk, jamuk is also a dangerous insect, I go to the forest every day and look for other small insects and wildflowers to take macro photos, then I see this jamuk so much in the wild leaves, I took some of these pictures of the jamuk.

I think this jamuk is very unique. It stands on the leaves. It is very nice. This jamuk also has a unique color and has its own patterns.

This is a really amazing find for me, and I'm quite satisfied to find a jamuk this small and I took some pretty perfect pictures, if friends want to see it is below.

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

© 2021 All Original Photos By @steem-muksal | What3words

I found it in the forest yesterday and I took a picture of it using a redmi9c camera + macro lens, I was in the forest with some friends from my village with me.

Details :

Apk EditorPixlr+Galery

That's all I can share tonight about this trigona insect, if there are words and my writing is wrong, I apologize profusely and I thank all of my friends.

Thank you

Greetings from me @steem-muksal

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@steem-muksal さん、こんにちは。
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