THE DIARY GAME : 27-10-2020 | 10 Days Later, Again! | What Activities Did I Do Today?

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Greetings To Everyone From The Diary Game:

I am very happy that I joined the diary game again 10 days later. I am working hard to develop the SteemFoods Community so I don't have many opportunities to participate in the diary game during the day. But I will try to actively share my diaries with you again.*

  • Morning:

I woke up at 9:30 this morning. I routinely wash my hand and face and then brush my teeth. Then I took a shower with warm water to start the day more energetic. I like to prepare practical meals for breakfast, so I preferred to make myself a pastry with spinach prepared in the oven for 10 minutes. When I did grocery shopping the day before, I bought frozen products. One of them was spinach pie. I baked the spinach pie, which is about the size of a tray, for about $ 1.5.

Spinach Pastry Prepared in 10 Minutes


  • After breakfast :

Yesterday, I chose to go to a supermarket, which is about 10 minutes away by car, for grocery shopping, I noticed that the car was running low on fuel, but I did not choose to go to the gas station because it was enough to return home. Today, after breakfast, I went to the gas station both to wash the car and to fill up gas. a liter of gasoline prices in Turkey: Turkish Lira 6.75 = $ 0.82. However, these prices may vary depending on the city you live in. After buying $ 15 worth of gas, I returned home.


While at the Gas Station


  • Afternoon :

In SteemFoods Community, I organized a contest with the # steemfoods-restaurant tag with 250 Steem awards. Yesterday was the last day to participate in the competition, today I announced the results of this competition on the -steemitfoods account. I saw great cafe, restaurant, bar and food vendors from different countries, so I'm happy. I distributed prizes to all participants. Tomorrow, I started to prepare for this week's award-winning contest and I will announce the new contest tomorrow. While checking posts in the SteemFoods Community and distributing prizes, I prepared Nescafe with milk for myself. :) I love to drink coffee, especially cold mocha and latte are my favorites. But as the weather started to get colder, I started to drink hot coffee.

1st winner of the steemfoods-restaurant contest: @ainie.kashif | When Preparing Contest Results


While Drinking Coffee with Milk


  • Evening :

One of my activities that I enjoy doing in the evening is watching games. I usually like to watch football games, but sometimes there are basketball games that I watch with the advice of my friends. Today we have a basketball team from Turkey, Spain Bilbao displacement would make a European group matches. One of my close friends recommended me to watch this game. I also opened this match on TV. The match started very quickly, both teams were attacking fast. Karsıyaka team lost the first half 45-42 but we won the game 82-71 so I am happy. For dinner, I prepared myself penne pasta with plenty of tomato sauce. :)

Pasta I Prepared with Plenty of Tomato Sauce


  • This was the activities I did today, see you in my next diary ... :)

  • ThisIsMe


Me gusta mucho las comidas con espinaca, sería interesante ver esa receta... ¿de relleno es solo espinaca o va acompañado con otra cosa?

Hello @alikoc07, so nice to read your diary article calling my name, and of course I immediately come here to read your post. I worked 10 hours in office and it's quite a hectic life living double life as office worker and a blogger, but I always try my best to check steemit whenever the time allows me to.
Spinach pastry... I never actually eats any spinach pastry before, must be a tasty bread. I am also a coffee lover, I loved latte, cappuccino, Nescafe and any type of coffee that smells good. Thank you for that announcement of my winning, really appreciate your kind award and will continue to support your contest with quality post. Your house and the town must be really near and that's why you don't need to fill too much petrol to go there. I loved watching Turkey drama, and I can see the food there is so much tasty and I really dream of going to Turkey to eat Turkish breakfast, hahaha always thinking about food but eat little bit and I will be full. That's all for now, please take care and Have a Nice Day! cheers, ainie

Well spent day with nice foods!