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RE: Challenge #4 - Future of Cryptocurrency: Turkey Will Use Crypto Currency the future?

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When the price of Bitcoin approached $ 20,000, many of the news channels had made a lot of news about cryptocurrencies with headlines such as" Gold for the future "

That was the major breakthrough in the Bitcoin and crypto industry as a whole.

Currently, cryptocurrencies in Turkey are only seen as an investment tool, rather than a method of transfer and payment.

In most of the Asian countries, they see it as a potential digital asset without knowing the ABC of Blockchain technology. The sentiment of a bullish Bitcoin is very strong in these countries.

At the same time, if we look at the cost that countries spend on printing paper money, I undoubtedly think that cryptocurrencies will be used in the future.

I totally agree with that. Not to forget the counterfeit issues Govt has to deal with paper currency. With crypto, there wont be any such case like countrfeit. So Govt should bring a friendly regulation for cryptos and make crypto mainstream.

Thank you.

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