Lightnite Game Update Number 3

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Hello Lightnite Fans!

I am providing another update on the game. It’s available for pre-order and skins and other in game items are available for purchase. Today I wanted to report I downloaded the game version Aril 2020, I think it’s 11.1. I want to clarify, that this is an Indie Game or independent game studio. The company Satoshi Gaming Studio has about eight games, but this is its first large scale 3D game and the game economy where you earn the items you win in the game and can make Bitcoin are new concepts. The game development is in progress and money from pre-orders and game item sales help finance game development. Because of this unique situation, if we purchase the game now, as a pre-order, we can seen early versions of the game, walk around inside the game world and practice game mechanics. This is an interesting advantage for a game you play to earn money or Bitcoin. Additionally we can buy in game items which may go on to be real popular at list price, not the possible inflated price when the game releases and items which are rare are popular.

I would like to go through the download procedure at different websites.

  1. Purchase the game at for 20 Euros or 16 Euros using my discount code, and if you use the code you also get some free Cool apparel to wear in the game plus 500 Satoshi credit to your account!

  2. After purchase, you go to and create and account. Then download your game unlock key.

  3. Copy the key to your clipboard and go to, the online videogame download site.

  4. If your new to Steam gaming create and account and download the Steam client software that actually lets you play games to your computer.

  5. Then one you’ve completed step 4, open the game client and sign in, then go to library

  6. Select add game, check a box, hit next, accept some terms of service by checking a box, hit next and then paste your code into the box for new game codes.

  7. HUT NEXT, THEN DOWNLOAD AND ONCE THE game downloads open it.

My character was a new character, a Swat Officer.
Here’s a screen shot:

I was greeted by the screen and a choice of settings, language or play game.

I moved around using my mouse and direction keys and felt like I could play the game with these, but lacked squat or jump options. I could go forward, choose directions and fire by right clicking the mouse.




This is an alpha version, so I could wander around, shoot at some shooting gallery style person silhouettes to practice my aim and fire.

After I wandered around a little, I quit and went to my “Library or Inventory in other games. This is where my first free skin was and anything I buy in the store would be here. Then I went to the store, where new items were for sale since I last checked, including a Jack Dorsey collectors item. You pay in Bitcoin using a QR code type of system. The items were $5.00, $25.00 and $100.00 for rare items.
My Thoughts and Impressions
This is an alpha version, Hive is a beta version. This is pre-order peak type stuff at graphics, game mechanics and the actual playing areas on the map.

  1. I thought the graphics were sharp and unique.
  2. I understand this special polygonal style is so this can jump to mobile gaming on phones and iPad like devices quickly, and since mobile gaming is very popular, I think that’s smart and cool.
  3. I like the graphics, cartoonish but good.
  4. I like the game mechanics, but look forward you trying with a gaming mouse.
  5. The purchase and download procedure was new to me, but it was easy because Lightnite posted detailed instructions on their game purchase site! I think that’s a very good sign.
  6. The Steam site was easy to use with those instructions.
  7. The skins and guns. I am still navigating this new game environment and the game is under development, but everything I saw gave me good, positive feelings about the team.
  8. I personally intend to buy some items even though the game is in alpha stage of development because the information I have put together from about five articles and my experience with the processes so far suggest they are going to finish the game. Plus I see my purchases as part of the crowd funding for the game. If I didn’t make it clear the pre-sale game orders and other store purchases support development.

Store Items

The following types of items can be bought on the shop:

  • Character skins - players;
  • Wearables - cosmetic wearable items;
  • Hoverboards - tools to glide from the sky when the battle starts;
  • Guns - In-game items such as swords, pistols, laser guns, etc.


Each item belongs to a rarity class which determines its total supply:

  • Legendary - 1 unit;
  • Rare - max supply of 100 units;
  • Premium - max supply of 500 units;
  • Normal - unlimited supply.

That’s today’s update!


Title: Lightnite Update Number 3


I envy you so much because you know about this game so much. I wish I knew more about it. Seems like you know a lot about it. I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Bye~for now.

! I think it’s cool too. I bought the game to get free stuff and free Bitcoin. If you buy the stuff with the discount code they give you 500 Satoshi of Bitcoin and some free in game gear. It’s a great way to get free Bitcoin and gear you can sell for Bitcoin later!

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