Lightnite Game Update Number one, Plus a Discount Code Save 20% off the Price of the game.

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Hello Lightnite fans!

This is my first Update on the potentially historic game Lightnite Battle Royals, the first video game where you can win Bitcoin in game! The game is available for Pre-Order and it looks like they are making skins to wear in the game. Skins are unique Pieces of clothing like shirts, pants, jackets or helmets. Also it looks like they are selling unique weapons. This is a bit of fun to customize your character and it’s a resale or collectible opportunity. If the game becomes popular, these early release items may become valuable. It’s definitely a gamble. But in addition to being an investment in collectibles, it helps support game development, as does pre-ordering the game. The game graphics are blocklike on purpose, so the game can be ready for PC, consoles and mobile on release. (PC means computers, consoles means PlayStation and Xbox, while mobile means phone or tablet.

Here are some skins I found today, May 31st, it looks like they have been available about a week. People are already selling some of this stuff on E-Bay as these are NFTs.






if you missed the introductory post, I have reproduced some information here:

What is Lightnite?
Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game where every specific digital interaction between players triggers a monetary reward or penalty. In simple words, players earn bitcoin by shooting other players and lose bitcoin when they get shot. However, some of the items in the game are worth real bitcoin and can be picked up (usually they are left on the ground by dead playeres!🤕. Lightnite’s store allows users to purchase in-game items in exchange of bitcoin, using the in-game balance or through a micro-transaction from the player’s wallet; the in-game bitcoin balance updates in real-time every time a player shoots get shot or pick up a valuable item (the player can then exit the game when he wants to and instantly withdraw his balance into his own-wallet).
As for, we use the Lightning Network (Bitcoin’s transaction layer) to integrate Bitcoin micro-transactions within Lightnite. The only thing that players need to do in order to play Lightnite and enjoy the full potential of the in-game Bitcoin micro-transactions is downloading a wallet that supports the Lightning Network (e.g. Bluewallet), send a small fraction of bitcoin to that wallet and start sending and receiving bitcoin over the Lightning Network while playing Lightnite.


From the creator comes more details:

Available modes: Bitcoin-integrated mode and Non-Bitcoin-integrated mode
Bitcoin-integrated mode. Players will enter the game and join other players online after making a micro-transaction (no pay-to-play: the micro-transaction only updates the balance of the player who can then withdraw it back if he doesn’t die before exiting the game). Every player has an in-game balance that increases in real-time when he shoots other players or picks up valuable items and decreases when he gets shot. When the player wants to exit the game, he can withdraw his balance into his own wallet and spend his bitcoin on the in-game store, on other Lapps or on tacos and beers.
Non-Bitcoin-integrated mode. Same game, no micro-transaction required to join the game, in-game points instead of bitcoin. In addition, players can buy items in the store using fiat money (it would be great if everyone could use bitcoin, but mass adoption has to be reached one step at a time).

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Title: Lightnite Game Update Number 1. Plus Discount Code Save 20% off the Price!