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As we've seen communities are finally here! 3 years or so and from day one I've been waiting for all this to take shape.


If you still want to know more about what Steem Communities check out @themarkymark video on it here.

But without further delay like to bring out my newest community called the Introduce Yourself Community here:

So if you are new here drop a "Hi" in there to meet other Steemians!

This is all part of a much bigger picture being put together and will be a two-pronged approach as this can also be used in the User Help community here:

This community will have a group of helpers who will answer questions from people who need help on Steem. Join if you are ok with answering questions from future noobs and I'll eventually give you a "role" reflecting it.

Future of Communities:

What we don't see yet is the future addition of SMTs which is Steem's smart tokens. I believe it will play an integral role with communities and as we go along for the user help community we'll be able to reward our mods/helps in with Steem or our own SMT token. It helps make it worth their time to help people out.

This will come out of sort of a "mini-reward pool" inside the community itself. Rewards will be dished out based on the aggregate total post rewards in the community with a % going to mods. It will be interesting to see what features are added in the future.


We are just at the start of all this taking shape so the time is now to jump in!

If you want to follow my owner personal community you can here:

I'll be introducing future communities I build through it.


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Good idea to have the #introduceyourself community. It can be the first place new Steemians start with. Hopefully this smoothen the ride for newbies as Steem can be quite difficult to understand as a platform

@tipu curate

Thanks @culgin! glad you like the idea behind it. Yes, be a nice welcoming place for Steemians. The goal is to make the onboarding smoother and throw in the @userhelp community they can go ask questions there. There will be a user help tag dedicated to it ( kind of a support ticket ).

Congrats on the new community let me know if we as @steemterminal both account and discord and @heyhaveyamet can help you. We have been doing this one year and even have a redfishrally 100sp and a redfishrally 500 sp to help starters.
Have a great Friday

Hi @brittandjosie good point! If you are sub'd I'll give you mod status for sure. I know how much you all have been working on this for the past year and have the redfishrally 100SP/500 SP and can def. use the help!

Let us talk about it some more soon , the INTRODUCEYOURSELF moment is the beginning of the ride into steemit and this community can be an addition to the things already here. I will think about it some more and get back to you.

I can point resources to @steemterminal - we can have it where they have a place to introduce, then point them to @steemterminal account and discord channel - a sort of funnel of sorts. Just get back to me when you've thought it over be glad to be part of your group and willing to help out as much as I can!

Hello! New to Steemit. Just joined a few days ago. Not quite familiar with all the common terms yet. I clicked the link in this post of yours and it led to a login page. What username and password should I input? Should I type in my posting key there? Thanks.

Hi @pmirasol,

This feature is in beta and they decided to close it for right now but it will be back up! I'll let you know :)