WorldbuildingWednesday - Introduction

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Welcome to #WorldbuildingWednesday!

Today begins a series of posts where I talk about worldbuilding - both discussing my world, and the hobby itself. Every Wednesday for the foreseeable future, I'll expand this series.

For those unfamiliar, the hobby of "worldbuilding" is when you create fictional worlds. Many worldbuilders make worlds as settings for their writing, comic-books/graphic novels, or tabletop/D&D campaigns.

The world I'm currently building was initially for a collaborative story with some friends - but has been re-created after more than a decade sitting unused, to be a setting for my D&D 5e campaign(s). I find that by having my own setting, it allows me more options as the Dungeon Master than pre-made adventures do, which means I have the ability to allow a greater amount of freedom of choice to my players.

The World

The setting I've created is a home-brewed world, centered on the continent of Trothguard - A land once ruled by Emperors, now fractured by warring kingdoms and tenuous alliances. Much that was once tamed is now again dangerous wilderness, held at bay by Mercenaries looking for fame, fortune, and adventure.

It is a sprawling continent divided into 8 major Kingdoms, each with their own unique people, legends, and major factions/actors. In future #WorldbuildingWednesdays, we'll dive into each of these.

Recent Changes

Lately, I've been focused on re-doing the map I created for this setting. The first draft of the map was created something like 15 years ago when I was in highschool. The original looked like this:


The new map outline is a much better style I think, and it now looks like this:

Trothguard  Outline.jpg

In the next #WorldbuildingWednesday, I'll discuss the world in more detail.

If you have any questions about the setting, my worldbuilding methods, or anything else - drop me a comment! I'd be happy to answer anything you might be curious about.

Thanks for reading!


Also interested in this, within a community context. May attempt to join your worldbuilding effort and tag, with no promises to regularly deliver on a Wednesday. Much is already underway in that context, but had not yet tagged it as such. Perhaps we may find means to collaborate as we intend to build as accessible a setting as possible, currently with contributions from 12 DMs.

Absolutely do! We have created a Worldbuilding Community here through the beta feature as well, which you can currently reach via hive-164611, so feel free to join in on the fun at any time! Thanks for the interest!

Oh hey, I remember this setting. As a kid, I was amazed that you and your friends were just building your own world. I didn't know that was an option at the time. It started me into my lifelong love of worldbuilding.

It was our first try at something like this, and was filled with every crazy thing our 15year old minds could come up with haha.

Now its filled with everything my 34 year old head can come up with to make it interesting for players! Which, with the dnd monsters and races, makes it an even wilder place than ot originally was haha!

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