Comic Book Community Introductions!

Well, I am pretty unfamiliar with the community aspect of Steemit. But from the looks of it this actually looks like a pretty cool, more streamlined way to see specific content (in this case comics) than on the main site! So that is pretty exciting.
A big thanks to Douglas for creating this! I guess I will jump in and get the ball rolling a little bit. I hope to see a bunch you other creator's work as well!

So my name is Justin Bowling. I am a comic artist based in Minneapolis Minnesota. I recently finished my first large project called "Second Wind" which will be (finally) printed in a few months. I also do some short contributions to the anthology Emanata based out of New York and the anthology Helock Comics based out of Cape Girardeau Missouri.

Here are some selections from Second Wind along with some other work:








And here are some selections from the Emanata Anthology series





And some other random bits from commissions or other stories





There ya go! Again, I am really excited to see some of your work, thoughts, ideas etc. on here as well. This looks to be a community for ANYTHING related to comics, not just creating them. So have at it!



Cripes man...that's some real decent work! You've come a long way...I may need to start discouraging you soon, for my own self preservation.

haha! Thank you man! Legit (and I know I have told you this a million times) I have learned A LOT from you over the years. Most of this progress I can trace directly back to you, so thank you!

Excellent work - I believe there is a growing community of Comic book fans on Steem.

@steevc, @brian-imhoff, @blewitt - has anyone set up a Comic Book hive Community yet?

I was going to ask the same thing!

Not an area I know a lot about - but I believe there are quite a few comic fans on Steem?

I just set up an Ithaqa Community and would be happy to pay the 3 steem to make a comic book community, but I don't want to step on any toes.

Nor do I fully understand the community system yet.

What's the hive address for the Ithaqa Community?

I will add into the Community listings in the daily Steem News.

Awesome! I think this is what you're talking about?

Perfect will add to today's Steem News.

Amazing collection of artworks:)

Thank you so much!

ALSO! should resteem this onto your own page, then you give yourself double the exposure

Ah yes! Thank you, will do!

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