Tauchain Milestone: Consensus Detection has been achieved

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TML Progress Report

A lot of progress has been made by the TML developers in the past month. The first actual TML app has been written and there is now a TML bot written in TML. This TML bot has a lot of potential strategically to interface with many popular networks and also offers the first proof of concept for what TML is capable of while the meta language is being improved.

The TML Bot works essentially similar to what is called a listener in Prolog. It receives commands under the read, eval, print, loop, paradigm. This paradigm is powerful enough to allow for all the communications necessary to try out Tau and build TML toward practical utility.

The TML Bot also recently achieved consensus detection. The consensus detection feature is a critical feature for scaling discussions and having this achieved is a big milestone for the project. So in 2019 in the final week we got to see the first TML program written in TML (TML Bot) and the first consensus detection. In 2020 we have a major effort going toward getting second order logic achieved in TML so that it's very much easier to communicate and program the TML Bot. The Tau Alpha discussion platform is also still in development as well and finally the effort toward implementing knowledge representation and reasoning.




Very promising, but the lack of transparency with the AGORAS tokens is a bit concerning. They are not listed in any reasonable exchanges.
Maybe you could help with giving an update, where you can savely buy those tokens in order to invest in TAU. Any experience with BCEX, anyone?

BCEX works pretty well. Imho the best exchange for AGRS as of January 2020.

Thanks, I have placed an order there :) So far looks good.

The good news is the tech is progressing just fine. It might be under the radar right now but this could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it. I do not have the ability to buy the token myself right now because it's not on any US exchanges.

Yes, a bit slow though.
May I ask why you are bound to US exchange? This is new for me (however, as a not US-citizen, I may have missed it)

You are a non US citizen. US citizens are banned from many non US exchanges.

Anyway, I wish you a nice 2020. I am already there :)

Merry 2020.

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