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Congratulations and best wishes to all the members of Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Business Activity Community. I hope everyone is well. I am also well by the grace of Allah.

BusinessBkash Mobile Banking
AddressFeni, Chittagong, Bangladesh
About Us Click Here


In a previous post I discussed something about my store, today I will discuss another topic of our store in the Business Activity Community.

My store has launched a new service called B-Kash, I hope many of you know about B-Kash B-Kash is far ahead in mobile banking around the world.


B-Kash’s business is much nicer and much more profitable if there is money. It is not possible to make a good income in B-Kash without investing. I am in the same situation. Although I have started B-Kash's business, I am not able to make a good profit, because my investment is very low.


B-Kash's services are very beautiful, very smart, very standard, using these services can make a good Steem income, but I am not able to earn a good business due to my lack of capital. We will encourage Bangladeshis in this community to start a B-Kash business, but they must have some capital of their own, it is better not to do this business without investment. I understand the situation with this business without investment.


We have a DSO Office of B-Kash here and many Supervisors under DSO Office hold SR Market all day long. From them we provide good services. The name of the Sir on our road is Faisal.


If I can transact 1870 Steem every day, the profit is 7.4 steem , but I can't transact 935 steem every day. This is my new business description of the development thanks everyone will be fine.

Thanks and Regards

Amran Hossain Patwary

 5 months ago 

Hi @a-h-p , as long as your business earns new forms of income this will be great.

Have you established this payment system to accept transactions, payment receipts from your clients in "Computer Training Institute."?

What is the benefit of banking services to your business? He believes that this will facilitate the cancellation of payments for the services offered.

It is necessary that in your continuous publications you add this table with what is requested:


Please, forever at the beginning of your publication title, the name of your business.

Get in touch via Discord:
cindycam #3361


 5 months ago 

Thanks for your comments. I have edited my post.


 5 months ago 

I have created a payment system to take payments from clients.
Clients can payment by Steem or SBD.

Hopefully your business develops into an extraordinary business you can add payments with Steem and this sbd for the progress of your business on the blockchain

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