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🌹Assalam o Alaikum🌹

Hello how are you all friends I can only hope that all of you friends will be well. They will be fine and will be busy with worldly affairs. I thank God that I am fine and well. Engage in your own business. I thank God that my business is doing well.


I love doing my business I do my business very well. I enjoy running my own business. Doing your own thing is fun. I have said before that I do my business at home because I have a small grocery store in my house. I am running my own business in this shop.



I have made a small investment in my shop. Thought I'd share it with friends. Yes I have some new items in my store which I am going to tell you in this post. I have brought copies for sale in my shop and this copy contains all kinds of copies. Like English Urdu Mathematics and all three mixed copies are also present in it.



In addition, I have brought raw pens for sale in my shop which are used by small children. I also brought a shopper to sell in my shop. The Shopper Boy is used to draw raw pencils and is mostly used by young children in grades one to three. I have brought for them.


Pak Rupees50
Steem Price0.45
Sbd Price0.03



Raw Pencil

Pak Rupees10
Steem Price0.09
Sbd Price0.007



Pencil Sharpener

Pak Rupees10
Steem Price0.9
Sbd Price0.007




I accept STEM and SBD as payment

Location and availability

I am giving all the details in this table below.

Bussniess NameGrocery Store
Owner NameAnsar Abbas
Uswer Name@ansardillewali
LocationPakistan (Punjab)
Timing Store7am to 8pm
Contect Discardansarabbas#5562
Watsap Contect03060646494
AboutPresentation Link






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Hello @ansardillewali , thank you for sharing the information of your new stock and we hope that the steemians of your locality can cancel the steemit, in order to obtain information that the business is increasing with its unit in the ecosystem.

We invite you to provide more additional information, regarding what is suggested in this content guide for your sector:

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Hello @ansardillewali thank you for sharing your business activities with us it's nice to see some additional items in your shop all stationery looks unique kids will love it is an example of a fun job thank you

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We will be monitoring the situation. In this community we work so that the members abide by the rules. Thank you very much for the alert and support.

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