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Power Up Rewards

The need to Power up for companies, leads them to improve their potential inside and outside the blockchain. With greater stability in your account value and as an investment company. Demonstrating the vision and mission of your business.

Our Unique Reward for Power up system will motivate businesses within the blockchain to invest in Steem, obtaining the opportunity to receive an award directly for their business.

In this way we will focus on working with club5050, club75 and club100.

Here are the reward tables for businesses that invest in STEEM.

UserPower UpAuthor SBDRewardsClub(%)

Rewards for Power Up

Power Up (% liquid reward)Rewards
50% - 99%0.80 STEEM
+100%1.50 STEEM


  • Stay active and be constant within the community. (At least 2 posts within the community in the last 7 days)
  • Verified business.
  • Comment on this post Steem on to claim your reward.

What is not allowed?

  • Power down
  • Put on the club label and have not done any ignition.
  • Do not use bots to receive votes.
  • You do not use your voting power to vote for posts.

We will review your wallets to verify compliance.

Steem on!

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Welcome to Steem Business Activity | General Rules

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We love power up

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Performing Power Up, is what motivates us to a greater increase

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Steem on ☺♥

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I will work hard. I hope to help you too.
It operates online sales, and has a steam blog related to the squid game,
Japanese business information is being uploaded.
Please follow and vote. thank you.!

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Can you tell me what is missing in my post so that I can fill this gap and confirm in the business community?

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