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Good afternoon my very esteemed community of entrepreneurs and businessmen of this great platform, I hope you are doing very well and your businesses continue to increase in sales and profits.

This time I am delighted and I come to tell you about a delivery of our products. And it is about an order that a lady came to make me a pineapple cake for her mother-in-law's birthday.


She is a client of mine, she knows my work and she wanted a pineapple cake like the ones I make but with some changes.

Her requirement was the following: she wanted a moistened pineapple cake filled with pastry cream and pineapple chunks in syrup. We know that we are here to please our clients and always try to satisfy their expectations with our work, each project and each job is a challenge, which with God's help we always carry out.


You can find the recipe for our pineapple cake in the next post.


And the changes that generated this cake are the following:

To moisten it:

Use the pineapple syrup. When we boil our pineapple in pieces with a cup of water, the pineapple will release its own juice and this water will multiply, it is there when it starts to boil that we extract this liquid and reserve it to moisten our cake.

In this same way we take the necessary amount of pineapple pieces to fill our cake.


To fill use:

Use a simple pastry cream made from liquid milk, egg yolk, sugar, cornstarch and vanilla.

You get the preparation of the pastry cream in the next post.

These were the changes made to the pineapple cake.


The Selling Price of this type of product was $ 25 / 42 Steem with an approximate weight of 1.5kg. My Client was delighted with the final result and we were also delighted to achieve this very satisfactory final result.

Business name:Heidy Reposteria
Owner's name:@heidyps2
Business address:Anzoategui, Venezuela
About us:Link Presentation


 2 months ago 

Hola , siempre hay que complacer al cliente una muy buena combinación ,torta de piña rellena de crema pastelera. Delicioso. Saludos

 2 months ago 

Claro amiga así es. Si es verdaderamente deliciosa está torta!!

Realmente se ve genial la torta, y el relleno espectacular, que sigas en constante crecimiento en tu negocio amiga, saludos.

 2 months ago 

Gracias amiga,igual para ti negocio éxitos y muchas ventas en este mes.

Hello @heidyps2 dear we love very delicious cakes with pineapple filling it must be very delicious as well as the taste and aroma must be booming thank you for sharing your product delivery with us always happy to see and read each of your articles.

 2 months ago 

Gracias querida amiga, por tus buenos comentarios siempre. Que tengas un lindo día.

 2 months ago 

Que rica!!!! Felicidades

 2 months ago 

Gracias amiga!!

 2 months ago 

@heidyps2 , Delicious cake and for sale so that customers can now request this and several orders with the delicious pineapple flavor.

Thank you for sharing information about your sales.

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 2 months ago 

gracias por sus recomendaciones las tomare en cuenta!

Thank you very much for showing us your business activity, your sales success and your business growing.

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