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Who are you

I am a Crochet and Knitting Designer who makes patterns and creates handmade items and decor. I am also a YouTuber and I publish my video tutorials on my channel. My business is located online and I founded it 3 years ago. You can watch my tutorials all over the world.


Business Objective

  • Increase my YouTube earning at least 50% percent in the next months before Christmas
  • Increase my efficiency and make 2 tutorials per week
  • Promote Steem as payment method for my online one to one lessons outside Steemit.
  • Improve my feedback with my followers and subscribers.
  • Enlarge the types of crochet and knitting patterns.



To become the biggest YouTube channel of crochet and knitting tutorials.




To inspire people learn this awesome ancient craft and switch to sustainability. To promote handmade items and teach many people with the help of simple tutorials how to make crochet and knitting wearing items as well as accessories and home decor.


Accepting Steem and SBD

I am already accepting and promoting Steemit as payment method since several months. I already sold some lessons on Steem SkillShare Community. I am happy to have one to one lessons, group workshops and provide digital patterns for Steem, SBD, upvote or Tron.


Logo and Company name

My business is called KimCraft. The logo was bought with Steem from a graphic designer on Steem SkillShare.

kim caft icon.png


Kim Craft is growing steadily and I have more subscribers daily. Currently I work myself together with a person who is responsible fro video editing.


Social Media

Please subscribe to my channel and learn to crochet or knit with the help of my tutorials.


Hello @live.log a pleasure to greet you and see all the content you have to provide within the platform, you have a beautiful undertaking, we need you to join our discord channel so that your account is verified, additionally I leave a link where details all the information that your presentation should contain.

We are now on Discord!

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 2 months ago 

Thank you! I already joined and requested verification😊

 2 months ago 

Hello @live.log , welcome with Kim Craft to the business community. Without a doubt a talent and a very profitable business.

We are glad that your business is here, that you have a clear focus on what you are willing to do to be successful.

To be ferified, please contact me or any of the moderators through Discord:

cindycam #3361


 2 months ago (edited)

I already joined and requested verification

I love knitted garments, I feel they are all different and we can implement our individuality in them, thanks for sharing your content, I hope you are welcome to the community.

 2 months ago 

That's awesome!! Thank you for your wonderful comment

Hello friends @live.log welcome to our community with your knitting Designer business we will be waiting for more about your business activities we are glad you are here with your wonderful business wish you good luck with your business.

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 2 months ago 

Bienvenida a la comunidad amiga. Toda una novedad para la comunidad, tu emprendimiento es único. Deseo puedas alcanzar todos los objetivos

 2 months ago 

Welcome to the community, without a doubt, it is a pleasure to have a business of this type as part of the great @businessactivity family.
Weaving is a beautiful art and although I do not have the happiness of knowing how to do it, many of my family members are experts and that is why it fascinates me.
Successes estimated @live.log

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