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Good night all friends #businessactivity, how are you and your business too, I hope everything goes as expected.

On this occasion I want to re-promote my online shop business which sells all kinds of women's clothing, hijab, bags, watches, cosmetics and other accessories.

And for tonight I'm going to promote the newest Stock I added to my online shop.

For those of you who want to order or ask questions please contact me or leave your comments below for payments I received via IDR, Sbd and Steem.


Today the JNT courier delivered some of my packages that have arrived today, the items that have arrived today are bags, and children's clothes, lately many of my customers have asked me to sell children's clothes, so I obeyed my customers' wishes by promoting various children's fashion such as children's clothes, hijab and socks, and for children's fashion I only accept orders according to my customers' orders so as not to pile up goods, because my customers are mostly teenagers who are still in school or college.


And for today I also add bags as the newest collection in my online store, I try to offer bags that are not widely sold by other sellers, because in our place there are many wholesale bags that sell bags at low prices, therefore I try to offer bags with different models and at a very affordable price of course.






Prince:100.000/1 Sbd/10.8 Steem
Available color:Black, White, milo
Details Model:l Interior furing fabric, 1 space Rotary lock chain
sSze:Length / Height : 20cm Width : 25cm


A bag is one of the fashions that we must wear when traveling, a person's fashion style is not complete without wearing a bag, besides that the bag is also very important to include a cellphone and also some make-up tools, for that this bag is designed with a very beautiful and elegant model so it is suitable to be taken to any event such as a trip or also to a party, for the rope you can adjust it to your taste, so for those of you who want it please contact me via facebook or Discort.

My address

Address : Keutapang Village
District : Sand Land
District : North Aceh.

Payments via:

  • Rp
  • SBD


For delivery still within the aceh area, delivery is only 1-2 days, and the shipping price is now only Rp. 13,000 /1.5 Steem/ 0.130 Sbd and for shipping outside of aceh the postage depends on the distance of the location.

Bussiness name:Online Shop
User Name:@pecintabunga20
Owner's name:Putri Zulaina
Location:Tanah Pasir, Aceh,Indonesia.
About Us:Link presentation

Contact Me


Greetings @pecintabunga20


Hello @pecintabunga20 happy to see your business development all new stock is always shown this makes us even more sure that the success of your business is always in sight of all bags with the latest models at very sweet prices.

thank you for being an active member in the greeting community

Thank you for the comments, I also hope my business can run more smoothly.

 2 months ago 

Hello @pecintabunga20 , beautiful wallets, a garment that cannot be missing to complete the perfect outfit.

A lady should always look charming, and bags are that accessory for both day and night outings, they help to distinguish herself.

Thank you for sharing your new stock in the community and we hope your business continues to prosper.


Thank you very much for always supporting us, I am very happy to be in this beloved community.

How beautiful the merchandise you received today @pacintabunga20 undoubtedly has a beautiful stock to show your customers.

Thank you for letting us see your business in detail.

Thank you very much for the comments, I always try my best for my customers.

 2 months ago 

How beautiful the wallets and accessories look in your online store.

It is distinguished by the merchandise it displays, a charm for all the ladies.

 2 months ago 

Very beautiful all your friend bags. I hope you can have more sales this new year.

Thank you so much friends for the support🥰

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