The weekly report of Active Members from Indonesia in the @businessactivity community by representatives of the Indonesian Moderators is set at 15% to @businessactivity #club5050

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It is a matter of pride and joy for us because we can be part of the community, all team members work as much as possible in the process of community development. We are proud of our passion and belief for now.

Currently in our community there are still many business people from various companies who are in charge of their respective sectors from various parts of the world with their unique work with the best content every day.

We are grateful because until now we still have extraordinary support this makes our investors are more confident and more enthusiastic with the incentives they receive we hope this support continues and we use it as well as possible in advancing the community and every company concerned with quality posts.

We will support each of our active users with their publication We will also guide and encourage them from our users through comments, which we hope with some support that we have provided through comments made by our moderators, hopefully it can be a motivation or encouragement for you to make your business even better.

Many of our users are still active in their communities consisting of several countries, one of which is they are users from Indonesia.

Some of our active members are from Indonesia who are in charge of several sectors:


Pastry shop.

User Name:@riska-amanda
Business address:Aceh,Indonesia

They are again promoting the Aceh-style semprong cake which is very in demand with such a special taste. They always maintain the quality of the taste by using quality ingredients when managing the dough and they are sure that any effort will pay off.


Distribution and Sale.

Bussiness name:Online Shop
User Name:@pecintabunga20
Business address:Tanah Pasir, Aceh, Indonesian

They offer various models of watches that are suitable for use for all groups ranging from children or adults and can also be used for men or women, this clock is designed with a very cool model so that it can complement the fashion style for anyone who wears it. This led has a soft material so it's comfortable in your hand, and for your price don't worry I always offer low prices but with good quality.

Design and manufacture.

Bussiness name:Arsyila tailor
User Name:@nurfiana
Business address:Aceh,Indonesia

This week they are re-promoting several types of clothing to weddings and opening opportunities for steemian if they want to cancel because they accept payments via IDR,STEEM,SBD. Their promotion includes some beautiful clothes that are very suitable to wear at parties with professional handcrafts.



Bussiness name:Bengkellas Jaya Indah
User Name:@humaidi
Business address:Indonesia

They promote several models of turnstiles, with some very unique models they sell all types and models at the same price and accept payment via IDR/STEEM/SBD in their steel contribution


Thus the summary of our report this week, we hope that in the present and in the future more of our participants are active and enliven the community with dedication and focus on the business they run.

We also urge newcomers to better understand and comply with what the community has implemented by studying and understanding the introduction of the community in order to achieve a goal by understanding each other and understanding what should be published so it will make it easier for us teams to work because remember we work for the progress of the community in order to create a solid and consolidated community as we expect.

Greetings full of love from the representatives of the Indonesian Moderators.


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 2 months ago 

It is gratifying to always see this report from people active in the community. Thanks for informing us friend.

welcome you are we are very proud of those who are always active in the community

 2 months ago 

The work is showing the progress of what you want to achieve, because each investor finds expansion possibilities. Congratulations to the members who join and those who are a part.

thank you for everything my friend we hope that more new investors will be born and enliven our community

Active members committed to the community. Happiness is an important part of business activity.

Thank you

 2 months ago 

Excellent work, good to hear from the active people in the community, greetings.

Thank you

 2 months ago 

When we are in business, our lives are focused on doing more of the right thing for our customers, who are the ones who help us increase sales. Many more businessmen from your country will be here.


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