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Find the results you are looking for!

When you think about training there are many ways in which you can sculpt your figure, stay in shape, lose weight, many reasons and all important to each client.

At Sportfit we offer you the essential items, accessories and products to achieve results through training routines, always with the best for the sports world.

Do you think about changes in your body and health? Two great points that should be paid the utmost attention, if you want to be well in its entirety.

Without leaving aside that while you are well, the mind is who will make you train with enthusiasm, to achieve that the routines are the impulse through the results that will be noticed in a short, medium or long time.

How to train comfortably?

Training is part of the lifestyle improvement you might consider having. Why consider exercising? Each person is responsible for how they want to maintain their health and physical appearance; the theme is paramount and young and old must carry out their routines to stay energetic and mobile.

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When training the body is maintained and elasticity is necessary, making movements that contribute to feeling good. Vigorous is how training routines make lifestyle enhancers feel by training.

Thinking about training has never been so fun and entertaining, acquiring resistance ropes is the boom and this is because the ropes fulfill their function. It is a reality that customers around the world have been able to verify.

It is taken for granted, in that the changes are not generated from one day to the next, however it is possible, with:

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  • Dedication.
  • Effort.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Patience.
  • Perseverance.

Everything has to be in the disposition, because if you want you can and it is that, to train it is necessary to eliminate the following from the thought and vocabulary:

  • I can't.
  • I'm tired.
  • No endurance.
  • Too much for me.
  • Training is not for me.

This with the aim of being able to make the difference between comparing the previous life, that is, before the exercise with the one that is carried out now, because training changes any thought, perspectives, ideas, it changes everything and for the better.

What should be added to our way of thinking now is:

  • I can handle everything.
  • I am capable.
  • I am willing.
  • I dare.
  • I have willpower.

It is that just by wanting it you can make it come true, putting obstacles in the way does not allow the goal to be achieved, but if you think positively and fight to make training change habits and improve health conditions, it will already be achieved

How to use the resistance ropes?

To train there are several possibilities to do it in the most pleasant way and with which it conforms or adapts to the training day.

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The workouts can be intended for arms, legs, buttocks, combined, the truth is that the ropes are also versatile and the best thing is in how adaptable they can be, meeting the demands of the clients.

We present two options for you to take into account to train and it will be to the taste and interest of each client to do it.

The body does not always need to work with weight and in many cases, it is usually only work freely, this does not mean that they cannot use a weight added to their routines with the resistance ropes.

Workouts with added and complementary weight:

  • Strings and weights kg. To work combined with buttocks and arms, it is an alternative option, to perform leg lift and movement with the disk held in the hands for the training to end.

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There are many other exercises and everything will be in the one that best meets the requirements or has the need to do to improve specific areas of the body.

Weightless training:

  • The ropes to make chest, triceps are special and very easy to use, the good thing is to adapt, and see how much you can perform and compare your own resistance in training.

Characteristics of resistance ropes

The resistance ropes are a help team, which breaks the record in which the client and / or user is satisfied with the training carried out with said ropes.

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The strings have excellent elasticity for a safe and confident workout. To improve in each new training or to do with greater force, being more specific, the increase of the ropes for the exercises will depend on the capacity of each person.

Characteristics of resistance ropes (150) LBS
🔸 Yellow =
10 Lbs (4.5kg)
🔸 Green =
20 Lbs (9.1kg)
🔸 Red =
30 Lbs (13.7kg)
🔸 Blue =
40 Lbs (19.2kg)
🔸 Black =
50 Lbs (22.7kg)

The strings are striking and it is that each color corresponds to the resistance to which they are designed, it is checked with their use and to verify the resistance, they have a badge with the corresponding information.

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Color and weight, in 5 different levels, to support from 10 Lbs (4.5kg) - 50 Lbs (22.7kg) to work from a lower intensity to a more bearable one with which you can obtain much more results.

Part of the complementary pieces that the 5-level resistance ropes come with, is with:

🔸 Handles for bungee cords, which improves grip.
🔸 Ankle rings. With proper use and utility, it allows better leg mobility for the different exercises to be performed.
🔸 The door anchor, a necessary resource for the different exercises for arms.

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These are just some examples of how you can use the complementary pieces, but there are different ways to put into practice with the routine you want.

Cost of strings

Our products are imported and of excellent quality. You can see variation in the equipment for the use of training in our social networks and website.

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The cost is subject to the change of $, with respect to our local currency and of course to cancel with steem, sbd or trx.

25 $
4.695 Sbd
44.84 Steem

For more information, you can visit our profile on steemit, a purely business blog so that you can appreciate the quality of the articles and products.

To request after the published announcement, contact us on Discord or social networks, to satisfactorily attend your request.

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Business name:@sportfit.shop
Owner's name:@Cindycam
Business address:Anzoátegui , Venezuela.
About us:Link to presentation

Thank you to the business community for your support in our work.


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Me encanta está genial ese set de entrenamiento! éxito y pronta venta, saludos.

Hello @sportfit.shop always happy to see and read your every article some new styles we can feel training and exercising with ropes resistance is certainly a fun thing thank you for the best examples and sports styles greetings

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Excelente publicación, felicidades

Very detailed explanation about resistance rope and all its benefits, blessings always for your efforts.

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Muchas felicidades en su negocio, tiene excelentes productos y una hermosa presentacion de los mismos.

Thank you for showing us in detail all the information pertinent to your products, without a doubt an excellent set that will allow us to get in shape quickly.

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