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Good afternoon friends #steemian..!!

Greetings from me to all friends in the #Business-Activity-Community.

Wherever you are, I hope you are always in good health. Allow me to introduce myself to this community. My name is Aktaillah and my #steemit account name is @taillah. I am from Indonesia. This is my Achievement -1 ling post for newcomers, if you want to know more with me, you can see my introductory post on #steemit.

I am 25 years old and I have a small welding business located in Aceh Indonesia and the name of my welding business "Karya Sempurna"


Who are we?

Perfect Work Welding Workshop is a small welding change that I have I have been working on for a long time and this welding workshop I built in 2018 and I received various kinds of welding work such as making dining tables, house doors and others.


Our service

Here I provide all types of welding and all orders about what I can make regarding welding as below:

  • Make a dining table
  • Making chairs
  • Making a fence
  • Making a canopy
  • Making shop doors
  • Making the door of the house

Welding workshop business profile Karya Sempurna

Company namewelding workshop
Business natureWelding workshop & receive welding services
Founding date20 Agustus 2018
LocationIndonesia, Aceh
What3Word Locationhttps://what3words.com/dikepung.berlatih.proyeksi
Phone number+622367924484
Telegram Usage IDAktaillah
Payment currencies we acceptSteem, SBD, TRX

Business goals

Perfect Work Welding Workshop I founded with my brother to create some of our craftsmanship in the field of welding and all manufacturing related to welding.

And we also work with our clients, whether they are requesters or those who tell us to make some of our welding works and we also work with several Welding Workshops in Indonesia such as Jaya Indah Welding Workshop

Welding Workshop Perfect Work wants to build a long term relationship with our customers. By helping clients to achieve their goals and we also grow this business and generate profits.

Our vision

Being one of the outstanding players in the field of welding, and we also provide a wide range of welding works. And we also want to provide high quality in the global competitive market.

  • Trying to always be able to meet customer needs in a long term relationship.

  • Stay optimistic and always innovate as our key to achieve success and grow far as a global company by providing good service and providing quality solutions.

our mission

Our goal is only to build and always provide a variety of high quality development and service and support from customers, namely by offering low prices.

And we continue to provide the best service for our clients and I am lucky to have a friend who has the best skills so that he can always provide the best service to our clients.

our logo


This is my official presentation in the @businessactivity community, and I apologize if my posting of achievements is not good, and really hope for @businessactivity to verify my business and please approve my membership to contribute and be able to give the best for this community.

Greetings from me @taillah

Thanks To :




Hello @taillah welcome to our community with your entrepreneurship we are happy if you become part of our community with all the vision and mission of your amazing business.

we look forward to your next publication, add what is recommended in the rules, in all publications of commercial accounts You.


 2 months ago 

Thank you very much for the information @riska-amanda

 2 months ago 

Hello @taillah , welcome to the community with your business, big blockchain success for you.

It is always a joy for us that new members join and want to offer their services through the community, we are sure that together we can do something that makes a difference.

Aktaillah, their Herreria Karya Sempurna business, is interesting and Indonesian steemians can now cancel with steem and sbd to request their services.

Your account has been verified. You can continue posting, using the guidelines that will be given to you on Discord.


 2 months ago 

Thank you very much friends, I am very happy to be joining here, and I, will try to give my best here.

 last month 

Welcome to the community it is a pleasure that you are with us showing us your business!

 last month 

Thank you very much, I'm glad to be joining here.

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