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RE: Suggestion on Curation Method

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Really wise suggestions, thank you @cryptokannon.
We need to understand first who receives a key from curator06 (2, 3, or 4 people), then we'll create a model of curation for Ukraine-Russia-Belarus.
If there will be 4 people (2 Ukrainians and 2 Russians), may be could devide the participant in a way to curate only our counry mates (Belarusian participants can be shared).
I am waiting for the answer from @steemcurator01, then we'll act.
For now, I'll just curate alexmove's list (tomorrow).

@olesia @knopka145 @filinpaul

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The @steemcurator06 account should be managed and used by all four Country Representatives now - yourself and @olesia @knopka145 @filinpaul.

We hope also to recruit a Country Rep for Belarus as soon as a suitable person is found.

Thank you

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Thank you, then we'll take @filinpaul into account, too.

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