Steem Greeters Weekly Report 2nd week of June 2020 & Proposal for Improving Retention Rate

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Steem Greeters Weekly Report for 2nd week of June 2020

This is my weekly report on my contributions as a Steem Greeters for the Steem Community. I was able to greet this list of newcomers on the 2nd week of June 2020.
No.NewcomersIntroduction Post

Proposals for Improving Retention Rate of Newusers

On behalf of Steem Greeters Team, I present our proposals for Improving Retention Rate of Newcomers to Steem.

We have been discussing these ideas and suggestions among ourself the Steem Greeters team, @cmp2020 @kiwiscanfly @mariita52 together with other members in the @steemingcurators community such as @leveuf , @marcosdk , @girolamomarotta.
The Steemit Team has stated that they want to know from us on how we can explore ways of measuring progress on the retention of new accounts on our weekly reports.

We hope in those reports the Steem Greeters can explore ways of measuring progress on retention of new accounts.


We come up with these ideas as below:

Pro Minnow Achievement Program
Objectives of The Program:

  • Newcomers have basic knowledge on how to navigate steem ecosystem especially steemit platform.
  • Newcomers get support on their content for at least 6weeks from their mentors/the steem greeters that have been assigned to them.
  • At the end of the Pro Minnow program, newcomers will be awarded Pro Minnow verified badge and will continue to receive support for their content until they have at least 500sp author rewards on their account, with the condition of no power down, but they can withdraw their liquid steem payout.

Pro Minnow Achievement Program Curriculum

  • Steem Greeters will be assigned to at least 10 newcomers under their care and the newcomers would be given the task as below to complete at their own pace.
  • Each of the Steem Greeters will refer to these basic subjects that is necessary for the newcomers to complete and make a post about their understanding or review on the subject matters.
  • Steem Greeters are free to tweak their own curriculum according to their own style and creativity but still incorporate these basic elements into their own version Pro Minnow curriculum.

Basic Curriculum Template
[1] Basic security on Steem

  • Newusers make a post on what they understand about different keys on steem and how they plan to keep/put this key safely.
  • Newuser make a post on how to use each key for posting, transfer STEEM/SBD and power up their steem

[2] Basic rules on accepted content on steem. Explain about Steemit rules on plagiarism and copyright materials.

  • Newusers make a post about "Proof of Brain" concept as in Steem Bluepaper.

[3] Basic markdown and some advance markdown

  • Newusers try using all the markdown template on steemit and make a post with the templates

[4] Basic tools on steem

  • Newusers make a review post about basic tools on steem such as, , steemscan and etc.

How we Track their retention rate?
Here is the sample of how we steem greeters will record/track the retention progress of newcomers under our care for the minimum period of 6 weeks:

Newcomers Retention Rate Progress Weekly Report

Overall Weekly Activities of *10 Newcomers under Steem Greeters @accountname Care
*or numbers of Newcomers currently assigned to be under the care of one particular steem greeter

NoNewcomersVerification Post dateNo of Post(weekly)
1@newcomer117 June 20204
2@newcomer218 June 20205

Weekly Report on Pro Minnow Program for @newcomer1

WeekPro Minnow Task CompletedNo. of Post on Steemit supported by Steem Greeters
1Basic Security on Steem2
2Basic Rules on contents-
3Basic Markdown-
4Basic Tools on Steem-

@newcomer1 joined steemit on May 2020.
He posted his verification post on Steem Greeters community on 17 June 2020.
Here is the link for his verification post
He had completed this task on Basic Security on Steem for Pro Minnow program on (insert the date post submitted), here is the link for the post link
I have supported 2 of his post on steemit for his first week on Steem Greeters Community

*Steem Greeters will provide a weekly report consists of these data on the tables until week 6 or until the newusers under their care complete all the tasks on their Pro Minnow curriculum. We are planning to continue to support their post until they reach minnow level of 500 steem power on their total author rewards.

Flow of Newusers coming into Steem Greeters Community

Step 1
Steem Greeters welcoming Newusers and suggest them to write their Verification Introduction Post then posted it into the Steem Greeters Community

  • at this stage Steem Greeters will explain to newusers what Steem Greeters Community is about, explain about Pro Minnow Program under Steem Greeters Team.
  • Steem greeters will give them link on sample template on how they do their verification Introduction post.

Step 2
After Newcomers submit their Verification Introduction Post to Steem Greeters Community, he/she will be assigned to one of the Steem Greeters team according to the language they speak/understand.

  • steem greeter introduce his/her own version of Pro Minnow Program to newusers under his/her care.

Step 3
Newusers and Steem Greeters start working together under the Pro Minnow Program.

  • newusers start completing all the task given by steem greeters
    *after complete all the tasks given in The Pro Minnow Program, newusers will receive Pro Minnow Verified Badge

Support for existing Steemian under 500sp author payout total

We Steem Greeters Team also have agreed to support contents from existing Steemian under 500SP on their Author Payout Total with below conditions:

Support for existing Steemian under 500sp author payout total
All-time steemian that still under 500Steem Power all-time author rewards on their account(we will check this with the tool eligible to apply for support on their content from Steem Greeters Team with the Community Curation account @steemcurator03 .
How to apply for support:

  • make your introduction post and verify yourself with a photo of yourself holding a paper written your account name, time and date and steem sign photo verification example
  • Mention any of us steem greeters on our latest blog post in Steem Greeters Team Community and stated that "I @youraccountname would like to apply for steem greeters support" together with your introduction verification post links.
    Then one of us from Steem Greeters Team will check if your account is eligible and will give you permission to post your contents at Steem Greeters Community. We will only support 1 post per day from you
  • you, in turn, will have to support by upvote and comment on at least 3 other steemian posts in Steem Greeters Community to encourage engagement on steem platform.

Current Steem Greeters Team Status Progress

  1. Last week , we have discussed among ourselves in the @steemingcurators discord servers about the strategies on how to improve retention rate on newcomers, and also how to track their activities and retention progress on steemit.

  2. This week we present all the ideas and suggestions that we have discussed, which is this post itself.
    I posted this post here on our Steem Greeters Team Community that we have set up on steemit solely for our team members to post our weekly report and any task that we have for the newcomers under our care.
    We also have created Steem Greeters Community for newcomers and all-time steemian to post their contents here
    We will start putting the proposal into action after getting the feedback from The Steemit Team @steemitblog @steemcurator01

  3. Next week, we will get each other feedback on how the Pro Minnow Program working so far, the reception from the community, and come up with a resolution and improve any area that needs improvement.

I am looking forward to my other team members' @cmp2020 @kiwiscanfly @mariita52 final say on this proposal and also feedback from The Steemit Team @steemcurator01 @steemitblog so we can get these ideas into action soon. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.


Kind Regards,
Steem Greeters Team
Steem POD project by The Steemit Team.


Hello my friend, i am wondering how come you didn't update your diary, after reading this report and proposal, I know the reason. Obviously it's not easy to prepare the weekly report in such this high quality, I'd like to give my thumb up to your effort, have a nice day, cheers.

 4 months ago 

@atyh Hi! Yea has been busy with behind the scenes stuff such as this one. Would love to join thediarygame actually, wish I can divide myself into many so I get myself into many more task haha. It's great that you being active with #thediarygame. Keep it up. I hope you win some prize for this game 😊

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 4 months ago (edited)

Thank you for this. It looks like a great plan.

We will follow progress keenly.

The Steemit Team

Why you downvoted my posts?

 4 months ago 

Disagreement on rewards.

Nice, it would restore some faith in the future to see a community proposal funded.

 4 months ago 

Great work @cryptokannon. Steem POD project is ushering in a new caring perspective of the steem ecosystem for the newbies and the existing users that are still having Steem Power that is below 500sp.

I hope this plan is executed effectively. It will surely add value to the steem ecosystem.

 4 months ago 

@yohan2on thank you. I hope more dedicated steemian join us in the STEEM POD project. We need to convince steemit and Steem Community to compensate us with @steem.dao too so everyone in the team becomes more motivated and boosts their dedication to steem into the next great level.

You have been upvoted by Steem Greeters from STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account.

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