Monthly Report of the Country Representative (Venezuela) and the Steem Greeters Team September 2020

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Report September

Report Publish Date: 12-10-2020
Date: 09/12/2020 to 10/12/2020

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Hello dear team!

In this opportunity I will present my first monthly report as Country Representative and my tasks for the contribution to the growth of Steemit performing the role of @steemcurator05 to support the #thediarygame initiative in South America and with the role of steemcurator03 to comply with 500sp Minnow Support for existing Users who have gained support.
In September a delegation of 5000sp was sent to me to support the users of my country Venezuela and I was chosen as its representative, the delegation was assigned to me exactly on 09/12/2020 during the month of September my tasks were the following:

  • Read, comment and curate the publications of the users and participants of the game of the newspaper promoted by @steemitblog, this role I have carried out with my personal account @ edlili24, as well as other publications related to contests carried out by me and the community that I manage.
  • Read, comment, verify that the content is free of plagiarism and vote for the publications on the winners list of the 500sp support of @criptokannon in some cases translate the publications that are in a language other than English, this role is carried out with @ steemcurator03, finally after each round of healing leave the report of the healing in the post of the support list.
  • Read, comment and vote on the participations of the Diary Game of all the participants from South America, this role was carried out with @ steemcurator05 among all the Country Representatives we reached an agreement to do the healings with the daily rotating role to optimize user support.
  • Coordinate with my fellow Country Representatives the support, greetings and comments to all the participants of the Game of the Journal of Our Country Venezuela, through the Discord channel of the Country Representatives.
  • As a Greeter to salute newcomers and present Achievement 1 to both new and existing users who have not been able to reach 500sp, to participate in the Minnow 500sp support program.
  • Create contests to keep the entire Steemit community active in their participation.
  • Create posts to guide new ones to make good posts and give them the corresponding categories through the correct use of tags.
  • Motivate users and promote Steemit.

Within my tasks as Country Representative and Member of the Steem Greeter's Team I had the task of presenting a weekly report to inform about the activities carried out and the contributions for Steemit and the Support program minnow 500sp of @criptokannon which I leave the links then:

I am currently holding meetings with small groups of Stemians to talk about Steemit and I am organizing a face-to-face workshop to present Steemit to the College of Professionals of the Lara State of Venezuela, a union to which I belong due to my profession.

My wishes is to continue helping to guide the new ones, guide them so that they grow through the achievements and be able to retain them in Steemit, I consider that the support program for New is very important since users can have a guide and therefore make life active on Steemit.

I thank @criptokannon for inviting me to be part of this good work of the support, and @ steemcuror01 for giving me the opportunity to be a curator and contribute to the good development of Steemit.

Thanks to All The Team for the collaboration provided.

Best Regards,
Steem Greeters Team member & Venezuela Country Representative.
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Maravilloso trabajo dai 🙏 vamos por más.

Mil bendiciónes, que Dios te ayude en todo.. mil felicidades por el trabajo que está desempeñando. Gracias por tu apoyo, éxitos y triunfos.! Lo mejor está por venir 🙌🤗🙌 ✨Somos estrellas qué brilla con luz propia. ✨

Se nota el trabajo realizado, gracias por tu desempeño y apoyo a la comunidad, por incentivar a mas personas a conocer esta red de interaccion.

Gracias por esa gran labor como representante de nuestro país, son un gran apoyo para los usuarios de Steemit, lo mejor está por venir.

Es una labor muy importante en el cual te haz desempeñado de una forma extraordinaria, seguiremos tus pasos para lograr los objetivos que nos planteemos en esta gran comunidad, ha seguir creciendo y aprendiendo día a día.

Un arduo trabajo el que vienes realizando @edlili24, muchas gracias por tu compromiso, disciplina y dedicación... Vamos por más...

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