Country Representative Monthly Report - Pakistan

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For the past several months we have been working on the Steemit Promotion all over Pakistan. That all I did with the help of my fellow CR and community admin. The month of March was also very positive for the Pakistani community.

As the days go by. Over time, that is likely to change. And it is a great pleasure to have a very good month in March. I was personally in all the activities.

we are working like a strong team. It is the result of our continuous hard work and dedication that today a large number of Pakistanis are showing their skills on the steemit and we do our best to encourage all the members.

Steemit Pakistan Community Updates

In the beginning of the March we had 700 subscribers and 90+ active posters and we continued our hard work to Achieve our next Goal ,As the community grows, so do the members. Our responsibilities were growing. So we Appointed Two Moderators
for community activities.
in the end of the month we reached 1k+ subscribers and 100+ Active Posters

And you can guage our progress at this time by looking at the screenshot.


OnGoing Community Activities

To provide better support and encouragement opportunities for all community members , we hold regular contests in the community .

These are the ongoing competitions

My Work As A Country Representative

Being a CR, I stay connected to all members of the community whatsapp group. I keep guiding them regarding regularization and post quality.I also encourage members through Upvotes and comment on their posts. Most of my voting power is used to encourage Pakistani members , along with some of my neighbour country friends .


In addition, I have delegated all my Steem Power to the community account. . So that we can motivate more and more members on their better content.

In the community, since we do our best to encourage all members. But there are also a large number of our friends who belong to Pakistan but are working outside the community. As there are 100+ posts has been published over Pakistan Tag daily basis. They also contribute very well, on Whatsapp and Discord I am also personally connected to all other Pakistani members .so I have recently started A Curation and Support project to encourage them, and keep them regular .In which I pick the best posts from Pakistan Tag and create a nomination post.

And over time, there are more steps that I will continue to take. These are all part of my Goals.

  • Thanks to all community members for their co-operation
  • Thanks to My fellow CRs and community Moderators for supporting me every step of the way.
  • Thanks a lot @steemcurator01 for your constent support to Pakistan community.

Yours @rashid001
Country Representative


Sir you are working so hard for your community and all steemit friends.Allah will give you it's reward.

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you are working so hard for your community

Steemit pakistan is the community of all friends , and I feel glad they all are working good ,

Thanks for the best wishes ♥️

First of all Thank you sir @rashid001 for delegate your all steem power to community .It is very kindness of you that you are working hard to encourage all steemit friends specialy that belong to Pakistan .I hope all of Pakistan that are working in other community will do work altogether in Pakistancommunity.

Wow sir your sincerity can been seen through your posts and your hard work, whatever you are doing for making the community and to bring its members to the best are appreciable!!

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Thanks for the Compliments ,
each n every step i take, is possible due to the cooperation of all friends . and i hope everyone will continue to do well,

we are always with you sir..
Thank you!

You are doing really a great job in promoting steemit all over Pakistan and you are guiding all the newcomers in the steemit and inviting the stray Pakistani steemians to the STEEMIT PAKISTAN.

All the work is praisable as you have started a new project to support Pakistani steemians who are good content creators.

Keep continuing this work. Stay Blessed!

Steem On!

thats great sir i know you are working hard and thanks for being there i have learn many things and yes we are growing fast day by day

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Thank you dear @azizulhassan

best example of hard working.......plz try to upload more post bcoz we always learn something new from your posts

you are always there and your reply is always clam and amazing even if someone makes any mistakes you tell them very calmly

you are perfect leader and admin

always there to support you

ypu have supported all the new users and they all know it through guiding or your new ProJet

MA sha ALLAH... as a newcomer, i had not enough idea about this all, but you always give kind reply , ... Thank u so much sir for being so kind and giving delegation power to us...
MORE POWER TO YOU @rashid001

So glad to have you @rashid001 Bro :)