Country Representative(Bangladesh ) and Steem Greeters Team Report: 4th Week of September 2020

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Publish Date: 29-09-2020
Week Date: 22-09-2020 to 28-09-2020.
Country: Bangladesh


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This is my first weekly report post. On the 22-09-2020
I took charge of the 500 sp minnow support program. I was asked to support minnows using the @steemcurator03 account. Then I was given a seat. There were only minnows' usernames. In that sheet, i have make list the information of all the users in the minnow support program. The information that I have put in the list:

  1. Date of joining on steemit
  2. Date of verified introduction post.
  3. Link to the introduction post.
  4. current Author sp.
  5. Diary game participation status.


With all this information, I filled the sheet and on the 23-09-2020 I voted for all the new comers minnows with @steemcurator03. 500 sp minnowsupport program For Newcomers had 11 members in the first round. Below are the healing activities in the form of a table.

1@sm-shagorpost link
2@mccoy02post link
3@razuahmedpost link
4@rasel72post link
5@mdshantopost link
6@sachin08post link
7@okoyejoshuaThere were no posts suitable for voting
8@eh-shohagpost link
9@sobuj28post link
10@boss75post link
11@stream4upost link

Voting was called for in two rounds each week. I finished the first round on the date 23 and started the second round on the date 26. Two new minnows were added to the 2nd round list. There were 13 people in the second round. The 2nd round healing table is given below:

No.UserLinkCurrent sp
1@sm-shagorPost link386
2@mccoy02post link114
3@razuahmedpost link114
4@rasel72post link121
5@mdshantopost link113
6@sachin08post link489
7@okoyejoshuaThere were no posts suitable for voting95
8@eh-shohagpost link179
9@sobuj28post link362
10@boss75post link98
11@stream4upost link106
12@bambamaru2020post link112
13@jmsthreepost link73

After the voting is over, I've update everyone's information sheet on the date 28. At the end of the week, I update everyone's Autho r sp.


★ I have brought a novelty to our steem bangladesh community. I have improved the position of pro member by selecting good users out of 80+ active members. This will increase the interest of ordinary members in their work. They will try to be pro members. Member Level system post link:click here

★ I have checked the posts of almost all the members of the community during the week. If someone makes a mistake, I have explained it to user.

★Also, if anyone has any questions, they have asked me questions in Discord or messenger and I have explained.

★i have tried to provide support to all the members of the community from the account of 7000+ sp.

Screenshot From steemworld


I ran 2 contests during the week. One is the Street Food Review Contest and the other is the Little Merry Power Up Contest.

I've create the World of Cricket community on the advice of @steemcurator01. And publish community introductions. There we provide a moderator to @tarpan. He is Experienced in cricket. I have given a moderator to a cricket lover @damithudaya from Sri Lanka. I will appoint a moderator from Pakistan, India very soon. Two teams from Bangladesh spoke to me. They have created an account for their team. I am helping them in their activities. New updates will come very soon.

cc: @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

Thank you very much @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @cryptokannon,
for your continuous support.
Thanks to my comrades @toufiq777 & @tarpan



@rex-sumon, Thank you.

Nice to see about the new community on Cricket, cricket lovers and fans need this one. Even I also recently made a contest on Cricket, It is on Indian Premier League 2020

 6 months ago 

Are you from india..?

 6 months ago 

You can build a cricket team with some players. And post your team's introduction to the world of cricket community. You can create an official account for your team. Post all the sports updates of your team to the world of cricket community. Hopefully @steemcurator01 will support. This will be a new surprise for the community.

@rex-sumon, thanks for your suggestion, I will surely look into this.

 6 months ago 

Thanks you

Presented in many beautiful ways

 6 months ago 

Thanks you

Thanks much for the support really appreciate 😍

 6 months ago 

Glad to hear that

 6 months ago 


 6 months ago 


 6 months ago 

You are doing great for the community.

 6 months ago 

Thanks Comrade

 6 months ago 

Thank you for the report and all the work you are doing.

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