Let's consolidate the list of Active users from INDIA- Proposal to improve the Curation Method

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Country Representatives- India



Consolidated list of Active Authors (including the list of Newcomers community) from India

S NoUsernameS NoUsernameS NoUsername
  • Sl No 1-36 - From the Newcomers community list(Active users only)
  • From Sl No-36 onwards- Outside Newcomer's community, active users in Steem Blockchain from India--The list is being consolidated(in progress)



  • I request @neerajkr03 & @rishabh99946 to join this post and help update & consolidate the list of active users from India so that we can curate them and fairly reach out to all of them, serve them with the Steemcurator07 account.

  • I also request all the authors from India who are active in Steem Blockchain to join the comment section if they are left out and/or not included in this list so that we can include you on this list and will serve you with Steemcurator07 each week.

Exisiting Setup with @steemcurator07

AccountSPUpvote value with 100% weightUpvote value with 35% weightUpvote value with 10% weight
CurationContest PostGeneral postComment

In the existing setup:-

  • The contest posts are being supported with 100% weight
  • The general posts are being supported with 35% weight
  • The best comments are supported with 10% weight

As per the agreed-upon schedule, the first three days of the week(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) are scheduled for curating the Indian community.


Because VP recharges by 20% every day, the maximum number of upvotes with full weight, full VP is always 10, and with 35% weight, we can serve at least 29 posts/authors daily.

As India is getting three full days to use the @steemcurator07 account, we can serve as many as 29X3= 87 posts/authors in a week.


Proposed setup

  • To better organize the curation schedule, first, let's help each other to arrive at a consolidated list of Newcomers & Active users from India so that we can serve all & the users won't have a feeling like "my posts are not visited at all".

  • Let's curate with the Steemcurator07 account as per this consolidated list serially, to make it more organized, better to track. For example, CR1 will curate Sl No1-20 on Day1, CR2 will curate Sl No 21-40, CR3 will curate S No 41-60.

  • The CRs from India to leave a comment here when CR1 finishes the curation on day 1. For example, Sl No 1-20 Curated by CR1 @rishabh99946 Date 21/09/2020, similarly, after curated by the CR2 the next day, he can also leave a comment like Sl N0 21-40 Curated by CR2 @neerajkr03 Date 22/09/2020 and so on.

  • This list to be updated every week with a fresh post and a similar methodology to follow. Because it will not just make the things smooth for the CRs but also any active user if happens to stop by this post can join the comment section to update the list and communicate to us in a better way.

  • As contest posts are being supported by @steemcurator01, let's first focus on the general posts, if the general posts are below 87 in numbers then we can go on supporting the contest posts with the @steemcurator07 account.

  • As we the CRs are also being supported by the @steemcurator01 account for each week curation reports, let's not use the @stemcurator07 account at all to vote any post/contest/comments of a CR. Let's utilize the resource to assuage the feelings of the active users/Newcomers as much as we can with @steemcurator07.

Thank you.


Any suggestion, feedback to improve this structure of curation schedule is always welcome. Please leave a comment if any active user's name is not included in this list.



 last month 

Excellent brother. We will definitely help you with this gathering all the active users from India.

thanks for update! 38 Number will be good enough. We can achieve success.

 last month 

We are on same page. Let's start with this proposal.

Also, we need to add something in this program for those who are not active or less active. We need to encourage and support them if they are ready to learn, engage, and contribute to Steemit.

We could always revisit and make improvements in our process so that we could help grow the Indian community and steem as a whole.

Hello ,I am from India and also a newcomer ,can you please guide me on how to enter this program please,Thanks!

 last month 

As I could see, you are new here on Steemit so I would like to connect you with our team who would guide you on the next steps.

 last month 

Hi @demimac135, nice to meet you and welcome on the Steem blockchain!!

I'm @girolamomarotta, member of the Steem Greeters Team, the group that helps newcomers to learn all about Steemit.

I've seen some of your drawings and they are very interesting, congratulations!

If you want, you can join the Newcomers'Community, in which we have an achievement program for newbies.
If you complete the first 4 steps, you can be eligible to apply for 500SP minnowsupport.

If you use Discord, you can join the Steeming Curators server, where you can learn more about this platform and make all the questions you want.

In this post you can find the achievement #1. Try to take a look on it.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update and news and @steemingcurators for Steem Community contest and challenges.

For any doubt, you can ask to me or to your excellent Country Representatives @rishabh99946 @neerajkr03 @sapwood


Thanks buddy @neerajkr03 for reporting ✌️

Hello @girolamomarotta, thank you for being so supportive and motivating us to do more on this platform ,we really do appreciate your Hard work and Dedication to support newbies on Steemit. I am extremely sorry for replying late since i got caught up in work but now that I have some time I would really like to get going with the Achievements provided so that I could be eligible, Thank You once again!

Hello @Demimac135!! You can subscribe to the community in this link: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-172186

Also, here is a complete guide on how you can progress on all the achievements of the program. Being the first your introduction post:


Get in touch with your Country Representatives as suggested by @Girolamomarota!!
Best winds for all the projects!!

 last month (edited)

Great, we have a great team dedicated to catering Newcomers and I am sure they will guide you to a smooth start.

 last month 

I found few old diary entries so I applied the below rule, please let me know if it is fine with you guys.

  • Lates till 3 days old - 100%
  • 4 days to 10 days old - 50% (to encourage them, also dropped a note)
  • Older than 10 days - No upvote (dropped a note)


 last month 

Yes, we will do that.

But we need to stick to the rule that any general/diary post to be voted with a maximum of 35% weight.

So it will be like:-

  • Lates till 3 days old - 100% (of 35% weight)- 35%
  • 4 days to 10 days old - 50% (of 35% weight so as to encourage them, also dropped a note)- 18%
  • Older than 10 days - No upvote (dropped a note)- 0%

Cc:- @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946

If this list of 48 users is taken into consideration to curate this week, then we can cover 96 posts(2 posts each author), with a voting weight of 31%.

Thank you.

 last month 

Thank you for this @sapwood

 last month 

Yes, Sure. This part is clear and we are following this now.

Question - What about this one?

we can go for 10 votes with full weight at full VP

So daily 10 votes can be given to general/diary post with full weight at full VP, am I right or am I missing something? please let me know.

Just to update here - I started with SI. no 1 and given a few full votes. Did I misunderstand?

Thank you!

 last month (edited)

That was just an analysis to calculate how many posts we can cover for the day.

If you have already voted Sl No 1 with full upvote...then now onwards restrict maximum weight to 35%, that is what we all have been instructed.

PS- I have edited/updated (Analysis part), so as to avoid any confusion.

Thank you.

 last month (edited)

Thank you.

Yes, there was small confusion but now, I am clear on this part.

Thank you. Yes, there was
Small confusion but now, I
Am clear on this part.

                 - neerajkr03

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you for this new step taken for Newcomers.

You have been upvoted by rishabh99946 A Country Representative from INDIA I am voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as The diary game

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