The Wonders Of Waters : A Lyrics Poetry Contest.

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The dryness was much
Expecting the rain for long
Plants starts to wither, animals crawl
Long dearth, making the earth burn
Months pass by, not a drop
Famine crept in, small small
Till the day the rain drop
Bringing with it life, once more.
The cut was large and deep
Blood gushing out of his chin
A pant of blood to the rescue
Saline water and drip
Resting a while, told us his dream
Pray a Psalm inside water
Clear every satanic border
The instructions works and very cheap.
Come, see the mother nature
Making everywhere cool
Calming the nerves
Coldness that brings life
Rain bringing plants to rise
The wonders of Waters
The blessedness of nature.
The above is an entry into @felixgarciap Contest.
Lyric Poetry Contest Edition 47. Prompt: Water

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Good content. I really liked the closing lines:
"Rain bringing plants to rise
The wonders of Waters
The blessedness of nature."

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