CONTEST: What do you do with... ?

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Hello and welcome to the contest:


This is an invitation to participate in the restart of the contest "What do you do with... ?” Once again the CCC community will have this contest that deals with themes allusive to nature. In short, every week the contest will bring a pre-selected theme so that users who love nature can develop their creativity in this regard. I look forward to seeing you next Friday, April 16, 2021.


I invite my friends to participate @samynathy, @genomil, @marblely, @heartbeat1515, @carolinacardoza, @marivic10, @leticiapereira, @cachetes-27, @belenc, @marybellrg, @yurilaya, @luiyi-22, @nayita238, @zhanavic69, @antoniarhuiz, @mllg, @sacra97 and to all my friends...

What is it about?

It's a weekly contest, starting Friday morning and ending Thursday evening.

It ends at 6pm, Caracas-Venezuela time (GMT-4).

After 6pm no more entries will be accepted.

This contest deals with nature-related topics. For example, asking what you do with a plant, flower, insect, pet, bird, natural elements, etc. Everything related to nature! You can develop any theme that your mind can come up with... your creativity is the limit.

You must try to comply with the rules.

Your pictures must be really yours, not copied from any page.

In this new season the active participation of everyone is important.

Our comments, our votes and our communication with each other are very important.

Competition rules:

Read the rules carefully to be accepted in # hive-166850, #CCC and @team-ccc.

  • Write at least 200 words on the topic, "What do you do with...?"

  • Use the name of the contest in your title and in the content of your post.

  • Leave the link to your post as a comment below this post.

  • Post in the hive-166850 community.

  • Use the invitation #CCC or hive-166850, at the bottom of your post.

  • Only one entry per account is allowed.

. Resteem, comment and upvotes are important for this contest.

. Be original. It will be taken into account for your selection as the winner.

  • It’s not mandatory to write your post in English, you can do it in your preferred language.


2 prizes of 5 Steem for the first and second place winners.

I invite you to participate in the #ccc contests!

  • Monday contest: "What does CCC mean to you" by @team-ccc.

  • Friday's contest: What do you do with...? by @gertu.

  • Saturday's giveaway: "Looking back / looking forward" by @wakeupkitty.

  • Saturday giveaway: What does today mean to you? by @freedomshift.

  • Sunday contest: lyric poetry. By @felixgarciap.


The photos in my post are of my property, taken with my Redmi 9 phone and my banners are taken with the help of Canva software.


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I'm @gertu from Venezuela to the world.

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Hola @gertu un gusto saludarte y ver que activaste nuevamente el concurso. Espero con muchas ganas volver a participar. Saludos

 29 days ago 

Hola @belenc es bueno verte de nuevo, gracias por tu apoyo. Estaré emocionada por leerte!!.

Good to see you back. By the way @wakeupkitty and @freedomshift do not have a quiz! It's a contest or... give away. They give away Steem (and the upvotes, Tron, SBI are an extra gift).

 29 days ago 

I can't understand your comment. What do you mean? please.

Quiz = answering questions. The right answer is the winner

quiz = prueba

A giveaway means giving = regalar

 29 days ago 

ah ok, I think I understand. There is something wrong written. I will check. Thanks for the correction.

I am learning Spanish. :-)

am new in the system and I will be glad if some one teaches me on how to go by the rules

 28 days ago 

Hi. You just need to read the competition rules. By understanding each of them you will do well. On Friday I will give a topic to start this contest. You must watch how I make the article and you imitate me.
The difference is that when you post your article in this community you must take your link and place it as an entry in the comments section of my post.
I look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Esperando el regreso de tu reto maravilloso el 16 de Abril, 2021. A mi me encantaba, siempre llena de buenos temas y muchos participantes, bendiciones @gertu.

 28 days ago 

Gracias querida, nos vemos entonces en la reinauguración.

Guaooooooo que fino gracias por la invitacion, ya te extrañaba y este concurso donde a parte de paticipar, aprendemos, enseñamos y la pasamos bien al menos yo si, gracias por incluirme en la lista de invitados y a mi hija esperaremos el reinicio y a ver con que nos traes,

 27 days ago 

Gracias por aceptar la invitación. Volveremos a la naturaleza que tanto amamos. Nos vemos el viernes. Por cierto también recuerdo a tu hijo solo que me olvide colocarlo. @vicent21. Espero que también venga al concurso.

Si que lindo tu gesto que te acordaste de mi hijo si vamos todos amiga hay que apoyarnos y agradecer a la naturaleza que tanto nos da. Esperaremos ese primer post del reinicio.

Hola amiga, que gusto verte activa nuevamente con tu concurso, te deseo el mayor de los exitos, cuenta con mi participación y mi apoyo.
Saludos amiga, que tengas un maravilloso dia.

 27 days ago 

Gracias querida. si, estoy emocionada como en la primera vez. Espero ver tus hermosas plantas en el concurso. Gracias por tu apoyo siempre.

 25 days ago 

Ooo.. this is really exciting! I look forward to later today :) Congratulations on the much deserved upvotes!

 25 days ago 

Thank you my dear friend.

You are back. I will try my best to find time and participate.

 25 days ago 

Find time to have fun writing. The important thing is to enjoy it.

Here is my entry.
I forgot how to do this, I hope I did not miss out on any rules.

 24 days ago 

Hello dear. The contest has just started. I had problems with the internet to post it early.
The themes will be posted weekly. Try to read the guidelines that are specified as it is all about nature and the theme will be given once the contest is published.
Thanks for coming.

Alright. No worries I will write again. I think I did not read thoroughly. I will read again.