CONTEST: What do you do with...? Week 3.47 - Announcement of the winners!

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Hello and welcome to the contest:


The topic of this week is… “What do you do with the most beautiful flower in your garden?”

My Euphorbia:


Right now in my garden there are many flowers but the ones that are giving their most beautiful colors are the Crowns of Christ of the smallest species. This plant belongs to the “Euphorbia Milii” species which has a great variety of colors.

I have blooms in yellow, red, white and orange. I like to leave these plants in their pots to decorate the entrance to my house. Everyone passing by enjoys seeing the colors and in passing they ask me for the children of the plant so that their own plants in their homes can bloom in the same way.


I have the beautiful mother plants from which I cut the small stems to make reproduce these ones. I trim them, let the edges heal and then proceed to plant them. Within a week I transplant them and then within a month they are blooming like these little guys you can see here.

The stems of these plants have many thorns, and at the top of them some bunches of small flowers open that remain with their color for many weeks. In this way the name that they receive of crown of christ is for the peculiarity of producing these flowers around stems with so many thorns.


Now, tell me what you do with the most beautiful flower in your garden?.


Announcement of the winners:

Thank you all for participating in this contest. I received 8 interesting posts about your own aromatic plants and there were a lot articles with the same plant, but all written in the peculiar way of each one of you. I am grateful for all your articles.

I posted 10 rules to follow so that I could select two winners. The idea of giving away prizes that are paid for by me is to grow the #CCC community through your participation.

In one of these rules I asked for comments to be made on the entries of other contestants and checked all the entries yesterday and saw that no one gave a comment to any other post made. I also noticed that only one user gave an upvote to my post, another rule of the contest, I guess no one cared about this little point, but remember that the rewards of the contest are affected by the profit I make on the post, and if there’s not enough then how can I reward the winners and keep sustaining the contest?

As my intention is to make the community bigger I also asked them to participate in other #CCC contests… but I only saw one user did it. Really, a lot of people were not interested in this rule either.
So this week everyone somehow forgot to follow some of the rules of the contest, so I have no other option but say that there is no winner.

This week there were no winners. The new contest begins with the hope that the rules will be followed with this new theme.

I’m sad. I really am. I waited a lot and just wanted to see this beautiful community grow, but I have no other choice.

The contest will remain online, waiting for someone to comply with these rules and then they’ll become eligible for prizes. Until then, no one receives anything.

I invite my friends to participate:

@samynathy, @marblely, @cachetes-27, @belenc, @antoniarhuiz, @sacra97, @marivic10, @luimer79, @daysiselena, @blanca56, @wendyalexa, @jefael, @marge62, @ambamarcelo, @enma, @eve73, @genomil, @wendyth16, @carlosespinoza, @mireyalongart, and all my friends...


What is it about?

It's a weekly contest, starting Friday morning and ending Thursday evening.

It ends at 6pm, Caracas-Venezuela time (GMT-4).

After 6pm no more entries will be accepted.

This contest deals with nature-related topics. For example, asking what you do with a plant, flower, insect, pet, bird, natural elements, etc. Everything related to nature! You can develop any theme that your mind can come up with... your creativity is the limit.

You must try to comply with the rules.

Your pictures must be really yours, not copied from any page.

The active participation of everyone is important. Our comments, our votes and our communication with each other are very important.


Please be sure to read the contest rules carefully and follow them carefully.

There are 10 ten rules to follow to be selected as a winner. ---- Very import!!

1.- Publish in the #CCC community.

2.- Write a text of at least 200 words.

3.- The title of your post must contain the title of the contest plus your topic.

4.- You must add the link to your post as a link to the contest.

5.- You must add the #CCC community invitation at the end of your post in order to be found by the @teamccc. Just copy mine and paste it in yours please.

6.- You must resteem this post.

7.- You must comment on any of the other participants' posts.

8.- You must upvote as a contribution to this contest.

9.- If you can participate in some of the other contests of the CCC community it will be very well seen by me.

10.- You must be very creative to be selected.



1 prize of 2 Steem for the winner.


I invite you to participate in the #ccc contests!

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Friday contest: What do you do with...? by @gertu.

Saturday giveaway: "Looking back / looking forward" by @wakeupkitty.

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Sunday contest: lyric poetry. By @felixgarciap.


The photos in my post are of my property, taken with my Redmi 9 phone and my banners are taken with the help of Canva software.


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I'm @gertu from Venezuela to the world.


hola,muy buenas tardes que bueno que estas de vuelta quizás me una de nuevo con usted saludo.

 last month 

Eres muy bienvenida querida @sarix.

Your upvote bank
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Hola @gertu yo cumplí con casi todas las reglas y comente en los artículos de varios participantes. La única que me falto fue la de realizar otro de los concursos de la comunidad de #ccc.

Saludos y espero que podamos mejorar.

 last month 

Si, yo también espero que se cumplan las reglas para mantener el concurso a flote. No necesitas hacer varios de los concursos puedes hacer una publicación en un solo concurso y tampoco comentar en todos los artículos. Con dos comentarios es suficiente. Ojalá esta semana las cosas cambien para que la comunidad siga creciendo. Gracias por su aporte.

 last month (edited)

Un tema que me encanta hablar de flores es inspiración.
participare nuevamente, CON RESPECTO ala reglas, no las lei, pero yo comente todas las entradas, lo que me falto fue participar en otro concurso de la comunidad CCC, recuerda que tengo años participando en tal comunidad, empecé con mi jueves favorito veo que la amiga marblely no se ha activado aun, también mirando hacia atrás y que significa hoy para ti, la verdad no tenia intenert en casa trabajaba solo un ratico con mis datos, espero esta semana cumplir las reglas porque ya arreglaron el internet.
saludos amiga

 last month 

Si, es lo que observo que todos traen sus hermosas presentaciones pero no leen las reglas. Pero ésta semana cuando me pasen sus participaciones les estaré pasando las reglas para que las tengan presente en la semana y participen aunque sea en un concurso más y comenten por lo menos a dos personas.
Gracias por venir.

Same experience over here if it comes to supporting each other and upvoting. It is sad they just join for the money. Perhaps it's not a bad idea to join @ freedomshift's idea. You need to post, be active for many weaks before you make a chance to win. The only reward is the upvote.

The only flowers I might have this year are the blosdom of my cherry trees followed by the mulberry trees and the roses but at this moment not even each tree has leaves.

Good luck with the contest.

 last month 

Ahora solo participaran los que cumplan todas las reglas. Los aceptaré el último día.

La flor del cerezo me encanta. Quisiera tener una de esas plantas pero no creo que el clima de aquí se preste para esa flor.

Now only those who comply with all the rules will participate. I will accept them on the last day.

I love the cherry blossom. I would like to have one of those plants but I don't think the climate here lends itself to that flower.

I am not sure which climate a cherry tree survives. They seem to be stronger than the other fruit trees.

Rules are rules. What counts for us counts for everyone. We put a lot of effort in it. If we can do it others can too.

 last month 

Sorry I missed last 2 weeks. I hope to join this week :)

 last month 

Thank you friend for your support. I feel sad. People come to the contest and don't read the rules. Then this does nothing to help the community grow and I'm just giving my money away and I don't see them taking the rules seriously. It makes me sad.

 last month 

It is unfortunate dear @gertu. They just wants to be rewarded. Maybe, their entries can be disqualified? I think having 1 entry only that follows the rules is better than having 5 who doesn't.

 last month 

You are absolutely right, my dear. I know what measures to take. Only those who are truly committed will leave their articles with all the rules right and those will be the ones who will have a chance to win. Not everyone will enter.

 last month 

Yes, that would be the best way to move forward. At least only those who contribute, who deserve it will be able to participate.

 last month 

Now we just have to wait and see who makes the commitment.

 last month (edited)

Mejoraremos y aprenderemos todos @gertu siempre has tenido alta participación y seguidores mi querida amiga.


Mi mejor flor del jardin

 last month 

Gracias querida @sacra97 eres una de las participantes más completa que tiene mi concurso. Espero verte de nuevo tan activa como siempre. Gracias por tu apoyo.

 last month 

Gracias querida @naylet me agrada tenerte en mi concurso. Te sugiero que sigas las reglas para que tengas oportunidad de participar y sí ya lo estás haciendo pues me agradará verte en otros lados. Bienvenida.

 last month 

Gracias por tu entrada mi querida amiga. Demás está decirte que sigas las reglas pues eres una de las que me brinda siempre su apoyo total cuando concursas. Siempre eres muy bienvenida.

Thank you for your entry my dear friend. Needless to say that you follow the rules because you are one of those who always give me their full support when you compete. You are always very welcome.

Saludos amiga @gertu, tienes razón, realmente debemos seguir las reglas de tus concursos... a mi se me paso por alto cumplir, me disculpo por eso...

Hasta entonces, nadie recibe nada.

Es valido, agradesco el esfuerzo que haces.... cuenta conmigo para dar el ejemplo... es más ya te muestro mi recordatorio para no olvidar seguir las reglas y ayudar a los que participan ....


 last month 

Eres una chica muy hermosa. Dios te bendiga. Gracias por el apoyo.