CONTEST: What do you do with...? Week 3.48 - Announcement of the winner!

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Hello and welcome to the contest:


The topic of this week is… “What do you do with your seeds?"

Do you like to sow? I find it most enjoyable. It’s a hobby of mine and one of my many passions in life. Giving life through sowing and then seeing the product of what you have sown, cared for and transplanted is really pleasurable.

I’ll tell you, I sowed some pumpkin seeds and after some time many pumpkin plants were born. I left them where they were born and after a few days they grew and became entangled with each other. Then I saw how they started to bloom! Big, beautiful yellow flowers and one day, looking at the flowers, I was amazed to see a small pumpkin peeking out.


Since then I have not stopped taking pictures of these pumpkins. This one is a very tasty kind. It’s sweet and very creamy. I made pumpkin ice cream with the vegetable from which these plants were born. I also love to eat pumpkin pie and pudding, and muffins, cachapas, pancakes and soups.


For me it is a real pride to have this beautiful plant in my garden producing vegetables of this size.

And you, what do you do with your seeds? Tell me about it. Do you sow them or cook them, or make decorations with them or do you do something else? Show me your creativity with your seeds.


Announcement of the winner:

I’m very happy and very grateful to all the participants who committed to make their articles for this contest this week. Almost all the rules were met, at least most of them. I still need to see more commitment but for this week it is enough to make me feel very happy for your support.

I received 4 entries with the show of love from each of the users showing the beautiful plants they own, but this week it will be only one winner who will take the prize. Until the income of these articles increases with all your collaborations and votes this contest will be giving only one prize. I thank most of you who supported me by giving your vote to the post. To my friend @genomil who, without participating, always passes by and leaves me her positive vote, to her and other users who pass by and leave their love. It’s thanks to everyone that this contest continues and can give a prize of 2 Steem to the winner.

I have one winner for 1 prize.


Congratulations to the winner!!

I invite my friends to participate:

@samynathy, @marblely, @cachetes-27, @belenc, @antoniarhuiz, @sacra97, @marivic10, @luimer79, @daysiselena, @blanca56, @wendyalexa, @jefael, @marge62, @ambamarcelo, @enma, @eve73, @genomil, @wendyth16, @carlosespinoza, @mireyalongart, and all my friends...


What is it about?

It's a weekly contest, starting Friday morning and ending Thursday evening.

It ends at 6pm, Caracas-Venezuela time (GMT-4).

After 6pm no more entries will be accepted.

This contest deals with nature-related topics. For example, asking what you do with a plant, flower, insect, pet, bird, natural elements, etc. Everything related to nature! You can develop any theme that your mind can come up with... your creativity is the limit.

You must try to comply with the rules.

Your pictures must be really yours, not copied from any page.

The active participation of everyone is important. Our comments, our votes and our communication with each other are very important.


Please be sure to read the contest rules carefully and follow them carefully.

There are 10 ten rules to follow to be selected as a winner. ---- Very import!!

1.- Publish in the #CCC community.

2.- Write a text of at least 200 words.

3.- The title of your post must contain the title of the contest plus your topic.

4.- You must add the link to your post as a link to the contest.

5.- You must add the #CCC community invitation at the end of your post in order to be found by the @teamccc. Just copy mine and paste it in yours please.

6.- You must resteem this post.

7.- You must comment on any of the other participants' posts.

8.- You must upvote as a contribution to this contest.

9.- If you can participate in some of the other contests of the CCC community it will be very well seen by me.

10.- You must be very creative to be selected.



1 prize of 2 Steem for the winner.


I invite you to participate in the #ccc contests!

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Sunday contest: lyric poetry. By @felixgarciap.


The photos in my post are of my property, taken with my Redmi 9 phone and my banners are taken with the help of Canva software.


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I'm @gertu from Venezuela to the world.


Hola amiga, un gusto saludarte, gracias por la mención, estamos para apoyarnos.
Aca te dejo mi participación de la semana:
Saludos y mucho exito.

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Gracias por tu participación.

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amiga @sacra97 felicidades.... saludos

My entry. I eat them, spit them out or save them 🤔

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Thank you for your participation, you are welcome.

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Gracias por tu participación.

Good Morning steemians, this is a beautiful community, please refresh my mind, I am a returnee in steemit, I would love to join this community, how can I join, it's just like I am a newbie here, thanks for anyone who can help.. God bless you all

Just write 200+ words about what you do with your seed(s). Any seed. You can show photos You need to upbote, forward the host and invite 3 people and add the CCC-invitation (links included) see @freedomshift his contest underneath for the right link.

Good luck and welcome to Steemit.

Thank you so much for your help.. Really help a lot

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Hello, you are welcome to the community contests. You already have the information left by @wakeupkitty.pal.
In my post is described everything in detail about what you need to come to the contest.
You can copy my invitation which is at the bottom of my post. You copy and paste it to your article and then leave your article link here.
Any doubt you can ask again and leave my username to detect your message please. Thank you.

thank you so much for this, really helpful information.. God bless

Gracias mi querida @gertu agradecida por el premio y tener este excelente reto que me encanta.

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Gracias por tu apoyo y por ese estupendo artículo sobre tu planta con la flor de dama de medianoche. Felicitaciones y que continuen los éxitos.

Genial, estaré pensando en mi entrada.

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Muy bien, espero leer pronto tu entrada.

Hola amigos, espero poder participar voy aprovechar que la cpnexión esta regular. Saludos @gertu un tema muy bueno LA SEMILLA.

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Eres bienvenida y recuerda cumplir con las 10 reglas del concurso para tener opción a ganar el premio.

Gracias a Dios lo logre @gertu aqui mi PARTICIPACIÓN SALUDOS

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Gracias por tu entrada.

Mi participación
Estupendo ritmo @gertu

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Gracias querida @sacra97 por tu entrada.

Apreciada @gertu, me encantó tu concurso. Me invito @sacra97, quien está participando con su bonita publicación. Gracias a ella y gracias a ti.
Aquí dejo mi participación:

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Gracias por tu entrada, espero verte cumpliendo con las 10 reglas. Siempre eres bienvenida..

Gracias, creo estarlas cumpliendo. Voto, resteem, comentario, invitación y lectura de otros.
Un abracito

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Y participación en otro concurso. A las 7 pm paso revisando las entradas en otros lugares. Te vere?

No amiga, siempre participo en poesía lírica, pero hay chance hasta el domingo.