Mi entrada al concurso de Que significa hoy para mi? semana #3.41.

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Dos meses en steemit.


Hoy es 31 de marzo de 2021. Quiero contarles que estoy celebrando que llevo dos meses que he regresado a Steemit. Después de pasar varios meses sin publicar, solo pasaba a comentar o dar votos. He regresado y mi sorpresa ha sido mucha de ver tantas comunidades que se han formado en steemit.

Comunidades que tratan sobre la naturaleza que es una de las cosas sobre lo que me gusta escribir a mí y comunidades que permiten la escritura libre partiendo de un tema. Como lo es la comunidad que me vio crecer. Hablo de la comunidad de CCC. Es la comunidad en donde incursioné como escritora sencilla. Aquí me encontré con mucha calidad humana, personas que muchas de ellas aún persisten en mi vida diaria.

Tengo dos meses publicando y mis escritos han gustado de alguna manera y eso me reconforta. Hace dos días mi capacidad de asombro no termina porque veo que dos de mis publicaciones recibieron el apoyo de @Steemcurator01 dándole una recompensa que nunca antes la había tenido. Muchas gracias @steemcurator01 por este gran apoyo. También noté que le ha pasado lo mismo a otros integrantes de esta comunidad.

Además estoy planificando volver a realizar el concurso que una vez tuve en esta plataforma. Con el permiso de @freedomshift y del equipo CCC por supuesto.

Soy una persona que saca de lo peor lo mejor. Soy 100% optimista. Sé que de las situaciones difíciles podemos sacar lo positivo. Espero poder compartir mucho con los participantes de todos los concursos.

Con esto puedo decir que me alegra mucho estar de regreso. Ver que muchos de los amigos que he llamado al concurso se están presentando. Y también los que han llamado mis compañeros de esta comunidad. Espero que también acepten participar en todos los concursos que están hoy abiertos en la comunidad.

Esta es mi entrada al concurso alojado por @freedomshift en que significa hoy para ti? En la semana #3.41.

Su participación es importante además de su comentario con el resto de los participantes, si quieres enterarte puedes leer de que se trata aquí

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 10 months ago (edited)

I have to translate it and I hope I got the meaning correctly. You will be busy again once your contest is back. If I am not mistaken, it is your contest that made me went searching for butterflies before.

I am also on and off from steemit. If it is not for @wakeupkitty, you and @marblely I might still be floating around doing nothing other than logging in.

 10 months ago 

Yes, I also have to translate everything to understand. I have been posting here for 2 months. Then I was invited by freedomshift to their contest. While I was contesting in other places and winning prizes. And now I started to have the support of steemcurator. And I am very grateful for it. If I can start my contest with support I will do it. Good to see you here too.

 10 months ago (edited)

¡Yippy! ¡Muy feliz por ti! Felicitaciones por su aniversario de regreso de 2 meses :) Me alegra estar de regreso, al menos para la comunidad CCC. Me sorprendió ver que los concursos aún continuaban y me alegra que estés considerando traer el tuyo de regreso. Mucho éxito para ti querida.
Por cierto, ¡el pastel se ve delicioso!

Yippy! So happy for you! Congratulations on your 2 months return anniversary :) I am glad to be back to, at least for the CCC community. I was surprised to see that the contests were still going on and I am happy that you are considering to bring yours back. Much success to you dear. By the way, the cake looks delicious!

 10 months ago 

It was a birthday present. I received two cakes hehehehe. This one was lemon flavor.
Thank you dear for your good wishes.

Steemit recompensará las entradas de CCC si se trata de un artículo original. Lástima que te fuiste y no le diste más oportunidad. Estoy feliz de que esta plataforma solo haya crecido después de 1 año. Un buen ambiente, Steem tiene un alto valor y sin problemas.❤️🍀

 10 months ago 

It would seem that I left without a fight, but I didn't. I was giving out prizes from my income the whole time I was doing my contest. Until I couldn't do it anymore. And with my economic conditions at that time, I simply needed more and I found it. Now I am on a stronger footing and ready to give back in the contests.

We all did give prizes, I helped where I could but the problem is those who joined did not support us. If people only come for the win not give upvotes and support hosts, @team-ccc it's a dead end.
There's no need to start hosting again. You can keep the money for you. You deserve it. Many left because they said Hive is a better place. I can live with that. I will no longer beg to join. I did this for over one year alone.

 10 months ago (edited)

It is true what you say, we all gave awards. And it is also true that the users who came to contest many of them were not honest and did not give their vote for the contests, they only came to win.
I liked my contest but I had nothing to offer and in fact if I still don't have to give the prizes I won't do the contest.
I don't want to do a contest to please or because I feel they need my help here. You were alone with your contest with or without participants but you were there.
I want to come and do my contest if I get to give prizes otherwise I will not come to do the same as I did before.
Everyone deserves what they get for their work, I would be no exception. If I come to do the contest again it will be to have fun and to give my prizes. If I can't I won't start my contest here.

You are right. You set goals for your life and your son his. That is first priority. It's a lot of work to check out everyone. Who supports us, the other participants and is willing to connect. I think different people are needed. I hope @freedomshift has time to check this all out.

 10 months ago 

Our friend will not have enough time to see all the entries. hahaha, This is growing again because people will come to win but they must meet the guidelines for that and if they don't they will just contest. We must support those who have the conscience to help others if they come just for greed it will not be a good contestant.

He will have a hard time indeed checking, reading, upvoting, etcetera. I am glad it isn't me.

You are right. We should support those who stick to the rules and support us too and only. I am dast out of upvoting power if I can only access once or twice a week.

 10 months ago 

Great you join this contest. Please let us know if you decide to start hosting a contest again. We wish you a great Eastern weekend.
Greetings @team-ccc


 10 months ago 

Thank you. I'll be sure to let you know. It should be in the month of April. Most likely for the second half of the month. Tentative date.

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