My entry to “What today means to me” week 4.09.

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It’s a very special day to me, it’s the day my son got his first paid job. It’s with a transnational corporation, he was invited by a colleague and friend of his who was already inside as an employee in that trade. My son consulted with me and I urged him to post his resume.


My nephew, who is an engineer, helped him to prepare an updated resume and so my son placed his portfolio at the request of this contracting company.

He was notified by a text message and was asked to confirm if he wanted to be interviewed for the job. To which my son accepted and then had the interview.

15 days later the interviewer called him again and told him the day that they scheduled the interview and asked my son if he was able to do make it. To which my son, obviously, accepted.

Yesterday he did the interview. He got a good score in his interview and was selected from a big group of 20 people to get a position available to only 9 people.

So my son is very happy and of course I am too, it’s around October that he will start his job by training, and then start his cycle as a student and worker at the same time.

It’s the beginning of my son's life towards personal and economic independence. I am very proud and am attentive to the evolution and progress of his new situation. To be ready for any strange situation that may arise and in which I can help him in the dual life that my son will begin to execute between college classes and online work.

The success of this new venture with my son…

This is my entry to “What today means to me” the contest hosted by @freedomshift.

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I'm @gertu from Venezuela to the world.


Super your son has a job. It is a huge step forward in every way.

He is lucky with only 20 other candidates and 9 jobs available.

Here it is 200 if not 100 people for one job. ☹

 5 months ago 

I think that when things are for us, everything goes in our favor. That's what has happened with my son.

You mean if it's meant to be?
My son was lucky with his job too. With some luck he can work more this year during school vacations. It depends on the lockdowns and force to be vaccinated.

A Swedish "doctor" says you need at least 5 shots to be first 2, next 3, now 5. I bed it will go up to 7 or 12...

Israel has conducted a large-scale "study" and found that the effectiveness of the best vaccine lasted only about 6 months with decreasing effectiveness over the 6-month period and the rate of loss is quicker for younger people.

Israel has the highest number of sick people, all people being vaccinated. It's everywhere the same.
The CDC admitted they lied 99% of those in hospital are people who are not vaccinated. It's the opposite. The BBC used/paid actors who claimed to be seriously ill (they were not). Pfizer forces the 3rd shot upon people. Moderna was testing the vaccine long before the virus was discovered. A Swedish doctor (?) says 5 shots at least are needed to help the immune system, no matter the brand 75-90% of those with side-effects are women (heavy bleedings, leaking, spotting, no menstruation, blood clots, brain damage and so on) and in the meanwhile it's family doctors forbidden to cure and if they get sued.
The hospitals are not filled with children or teenagers (hospitals stated it), the disease is not different from the flu which means it shows during a certain season (here that means winter).
Children, young people, healthy people have an immune system and even if they are infected that doesn't mean they get sick. That is a huge difference.
By now governments mix the shots. If you had mRNA first the next jab needs to be something different.

Btw no facemasks here (exception hospitals),no one keeps distance, no one disinfects hands although each shop provides in it.
They say everything will be back to normal from November 1st on. I doubt it since after the elections in March we still don't have a new government plus winter will start.

 5 months ago 

Yes, I believe that when things are for a special person all roads are open.

There are such negative studies about vaccines that some scientists are calling for people to stop being vaccinated because of the damage they are causing.

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Gracias por la invitación. Le deseo mucho éxito a tu hijo en esta nueva etapa de su vida. Felicitaciones.

 5 months ago 

Gracias por sus buenos deseos.

Doctorr como está ?? Alegre de saber que aún sigue por aquí en la plataforma. Yo me fuí un tiempo pero regrese. Saludooos

 5 months ago 

Hola mi bella doctorcita, yo estoy bien. Me alegra que hayas regresado y te acordaras de nuestra familia CCC.

Thank you for your entry #84.

And, congratulations!

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