Contest 4.14: Looking Back/Look Forward #ccc by @luckydrums

in CCC4 months ago

Hello steemians, special thanks to @wakeupkitty and @ccc community for organizing such a wonderful contest "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 4.14" , I am really happy to share some of my dreams and hopes with you all. I hope you find it interesting


I look back to the times before I met steemit , times when I didn't have a focus and purpose,times when I moved from one activity to another, from one website to another, trying to find a place to settle, a place befitting of my skills and potentials, a place where I could see the light , a place promising of good tidings. I look back to those times when I searched for platforms or ways to share my ideas, my writings and my thoughts, platforms where my thoughts and ideas could translate into earnings , platforms where I could discover and harness my potentials and get supports from true friends. I had searched curiously and enthusiastically, sometimes I had fallen into wrong hands and lost so much money. It was really painful, I was just a young boy trying to channel my energy to something productive, I was just trying to earn a living, trying to be independent and productive.


I look back to the days when I had disbelieved everything, I had become cynical , having being decieved and robbed by different scammers and numerous fraudsters, I had resigned myself to fate, I had lost hope in almost everything, I lost strength to trudge on. Then I was told about steemit, although I didn't believe at first I decided to try again this last time and here I am , revitalized , motivated and with hopes of better days to come. Yes I found hope, I found steemit. Its just a dream come true


Although things aren't fantastic right now, there is a lot of work and struggles now but I look forward to better days ahead, days when I will look back to my past and be proud that I never gave up, days when all the research , writings and all my works would have yielded good profits. I look forward to days when my steem reputation wouldn't linger at 46 but but would have surged to 66, days when I'll be writing the steem academy advanced courses, days when my posts in ccc community would have huge upvotes. I look forward to days when I can comfortably make a living from this platform, days when my wallet wouldn't just have 49 steem but 4900 steem, I look forward to better days, happy days
days when all my dreams would be a reality. I look forward to that day.


I look forward to better days ahead too

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