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Wasted. It has been a couple of wasted days. Moodless, interestless, feel-less, just zilch. Nothing moved me, nothing motivated me. I looked at my projects, I looked at my laptop screen and I just didn’t feel them.

I walked pass them and towards the couch. I stared at the blank television screen. I didn’t feel like doing anything. All I did was lie down and do nothing. Well, not really nothing. I slept.

I was sneezing the whole day of Thursday and I knew something was not right. The nose took a turn from occasional high and long jumps to a constant marathon. The face felt stuffed and the throat scratchy. Saturday came and occasional coughs started.

On Sunday, the cough became more persistent and the voice changed. I might have had fever too because I felt cold sometimes but I didn’t check. I was afraid to go to the clinic or hospital and popped in Vitamin C ever so often. I was thankful that I still had my sense of taste and that my breathing was okay.

Today, I felt better. I managed to work some chores and did some sewing. My voice is still funny and the cough is still there. I stayed home. I didn’t want to see anybody for fear I would infect them.

At times like this, being sick with a cough and cold, is like taboo and I look forward for all of this to go away. I had to reschedule an appointment today to next week and I’d better make it for next week.

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This is my entry to @wakeupkitty’s Looking Back/Look Forward contest this week:


Looking back - Look forward
Write a text about what you look forward to or look back at.
Deadline: April 24, 2021 6 p.m. Parish time


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I hear you and feel the same except for the coughing. I rarely cough except if I cannot swallow my food.
Sneezing, the nose is all part of my allergies and the chills are after the hot flash. To be honest I have this since years,can be result of allergies too plus I thought malaria but now I think I'm just old and it's fine to do nothing. I wish I could sleep that long.

All the best for you. ❤️🍀

 16 days ago 

Yah, I get cough quite easily after a cold. Sneezing happens almost everyday but usually stops by mid morning. When it doesn't stop and if it continues the whole day with a funny throat, that is the cold I get.
All the best for you too dear <3 Rest whenever you can, it helps, even just a little.

We sneeze too from one moment to the next allergies cause it. Now in bed so I can only lay on my back if I want to breathe otherwise my nose is closed. 😔

 16 days ago 

:( You know, when my nose is blocked, I would sleep sitting because lying down just blocks it totally. It helps with the breathing I felt when seated down.

At times I do but it only helps if I keep my head straight up or better turned backwards. Kind of painful ifvit comes to my neck. I should have a bracelet for it. 🤔

Thanks @marblely.. I will see what I can do, I'm a noobs and need to recover my memories first

yesterday or this morning is looking back too. 🍀💖

 16 days ago 

How have you been? It has been really long. Hope you are well and safe.

I'm doing fine @marblely... Still the same old me, I'm playing game and enjoy reading, create some posts in english is a bit challenging lately

I am glad you feel better

written from my bed


I am glad you feel better

written from my bed


 16 days ago 

Thank you. I hope you feel better everyday @wakeupkitty. Being ill is always so draining.

I hope so too and summer will help a bit too. Thanks for your wishes.

 21 days ago 

I hope you recover 100%. I would also like you to cheer up as you used to do and get the encouragement you need to write whatever you like.

 20 days ago 

Great to see you joined this contest.
We upvoted and resteemed and wish you good luck and a good weekend.

 16 days ago 

Thank you dear. Happy week to you.

I celebrate that you feel better and are writing again
May health be with you at least for all that remains of the
year 2021.

 16 days ago 

Thank you @josegilberto! I wish you good health always and stay safe :)