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It is good to reward ourselves sometimes. After a hard day’s work, of chores, of thinking, of worrying or if we have a bad day. We deserve it and we must always remember that. If we spend our days and time worrying for others, working for others, we deserve a break.

A break can be in many forms, a time away, a time of not doing anything related to work and chores, a time to do the things we like or a time to fill our taste buds and tummy with our favourite foods.

I have been thinking about this post for 2 weeks now, since my last post on what does CCC mean to me, 3.42. I want to go informal, I want to do away with formalities of what CCC means, I just want to indulge.

This week, CCC to me means Chocolate, Cookies and Cream.


I love chocolates, most chocolates. It can be milk, it can be dark, it can be white. It can mix with nuts or cornflakes or raisins. It can be plain chocolate, it can be in a form of a cake, a cookie, a drink, ice cream, brownie, sauce or even powder, although it would take a few scoops of powder to satisfy my taste bud. Aaahhh...Just writing this made me salivate.

I know some people dislike chocolates or they are allergic to them but for me, I absolutely enjoy a chocolate indulgence. I can drink a good chocolate sauce by itself. There are some chocolate that leaves an aftertaste in my mouth or after feel, which I dislike. I generally prefer Ritter Sport chocolates or Hershey’s or Ferrero Rocher and would usually cut them into pieces and place them in the fridge. I try not to eat a whole bar at one go, instead, slowly cherish each piece. I would pop a piece each time, into my mouth and slowly melt them. Sometimes, I would bite into them to be able to enjoy them faster.



When I am stressed or hungry, my first type of snack would be cookies. I usually have some cookies stored in my cookie jars, mostly store bought. Occasionally, I would bake some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies (now, that is CCC for you). For us chocolate lovers, who can resist an absolute yummy chocolate chip cookies?



This article was initially inspired by a drink. A chocolate cookies and cream smoothie, topped with whipped cream. When it comes to cream, it has to be fresh cream. I don’t quite enjoy butter cream because it tastes too heavy for me but a good fresh cream, whether on cakes or drinks, I would appreciate it very much.



It is when we give ourselves these little breaks that our mind becomes clearer and our thoughts flow better to produce the things that we need to, such as a nice little article here. And now, I am off for a dose of my CCC, yummm :)


This is my entry to @team-ccc’s What does CCC mean to you? 3.44 contest this week:

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I like chocolate, just posted (a bit late) weekendfreewrite about it 😄

 last month 

Hi-five! Hehe. What would we do without chocolates?

 last month 

Thank you!

 last month 

We Upvoted and resteemed and wish you a great weekend and good luck!

Greetings @team-ccc

 29 days ago 

Thank you! Have a great weekend to you too!

I have a jar of coco jelly chocolate on my office table. I call it legendary chocolate for I thought that it is old-school chocolate. The taste is not as good as the old ones but it will still do.

Luckily I just ate my husband's homemade sandwich, if not I will be salivating too. I did not like chocolate much before, I did not notice the moment I fall for it.

 29 days ago 

Ooo whats coco jelly chocolate? I like the round or oval ones with raisin or nuts inside too. Hehe.


Image from google. I like this one. It has nuts inside but I do like the one with raisin more.

Nice entry @marblely! Chocolate is my favorite thing in the world. I could eat it all day but it's bad for health

 29 days ago 

Thank you! Me too! Need to eat in moderation. Does 3 small pieces a day count as healthier? :D

If those 3 pieces give you satisfaction and cause no damage to you, I think it's good to eat them hahaha.

Esto si ha sido nuevo y maravilloso normalmente asociadas las tres c con constancia, otros tipos de palabras pero este ejercicio ha estado simplemente genial. @marblely

This has been new and wonderful, usually associated with the three c's with constancy, other types of words, but this exercise has been simply great. @marblely

 28 days ago 

¡Gracias! Sí, es divertido cambiarlo un poco :) Intentemos más :)

Thank you! Yes, it is fun to change it up a little :) Lets try more :)

Hello @marblely, nice pictures. It made me hungry. Nice word selection for you. Keep up :)

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

 28 days ago 

Thank you @psicoparedes :)


 27 days ago 

I love chocolate in any of its presentations. My favorite cake is the chocolate cake. Chocolate drinks, ice cream and to stop counting... it's the chocolate chocolates with surprises inside that I miss. These days I'm sending messages to my friends abroad to send me chocolates when the borders open and some of them return to the country. hahaha what cravings I have.

 19 days ago 

Oh haha I love chocolates too! And I prefer imported chocolates somehow because they taste better I thought. Or maybe it is my imagination although I trust my palette :)