Cereal or coffee? Breakfast or nothing 🍲

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A lot of people in this part of the world where I live don’t eat breakfast, some couldn't afford it while others couldn't help it because of the scuffling nature of their jobs and or where they get their source of income. I’m guilty of zero breakfast too often times, in my own case, its laziness plus not having things for breakfast in my apartment because of "eating out syndrome" lol. On the average, those who don't eat breakfast are mainly people below the poverty line, I speak for my region in this blog and these folks are subjected to the harrowing hassles of getting to work or hustle stations which made it something very uncommon especially among low class citizens like I mentioned.

Furthermore, even the ones living above the average poverty lines seldom eat breakfast, the truth is that only a few people can afford three square meals a day, most especially when you live in a very expensive place and or economically suppressed regions of the world.

As the subject of this blog, I mostly take coffee before heading out to hustle, I'm somewhat addicted to it and I'm breaking the habit. Now I try to change my narrative as often as possible and have breakfast even if its the smallest one. Therefore I came up with a plan, the Cereal Master plan; this will help mitigate the scientific downside of not eating breakfast which is considered the most vital meal of a day or supper for some(lol).

So in any day of the week that I stay home, I must take a cereal whether I like it or not. The one you are looking at is an imported Marshmallows and Stars frosted oat cereal by MillVille. I got that as a gift though, when I down it I'll have to shop for another with raisins in it. I'm trying to stay sugar free so this is ideal for anyone like me trying be refined sugar free. The raisins will taste sweet hence you really don't need sweeteners, but it depends on the persons taking it.

On days I have errands to run, I'll stick to my tea/coffee routine and then "Skidaddle" to my destination and then munch a very heavy carb in the afternoon and then maybe fruits or organic snacks(plantain chips, corn chips, potato chips) or perhaps nothing. Yes I got used to zero dinner since my muscle building days and I'm still sticking to that till now. Bottom line is, breakfast is essential, if you can afford something to eat that's not very costly, its better than nothing in the stomach after a long sleepy night!


It's a nice breakfast and I like cereals as my snack too and it makes me feel so full guys. It's nice to add fresh milk and I like choco cereals guys. When there no food left, I just get cereals so that I can eat an instant breakfast guys... It has lots of vitamins with it too guys.

Oh thanks for validating my point of view friend. Cheers

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