Contest: What does CCC mean to you? 3.15

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Not many join a contest these days but we decided to continue with this Monday contest if the community CCC. Although I might sound like a difficult one we actually ask you about your opinion about CCC or to tell us what the letter "C" means to you.

If you like to join you are welcome?
Deadline: Monday September 20, 2020 - midnight Parish time.

This weekly, Curation Circle Creed (CCC) contest starts on Mondays.


  • Tell in 200+ words what CCC, the community or the letters mean to you!
  • Submit to the community / hive-166850
  • Use the name of the contest in your title or content.
  • Leave the link of your post as a comment underneath this post.
  • Add the invitation.

If C stands for:

  • cookie or cake you can join
  • cat or cocker spaniel you can join
  • castle or crown you can join
  • Coronavirus or cocktail you can join
  • celebration or congratulations you can join.

Find your three "Cs" and share them with us

Our Creed:

If you post under the #ccc tag we expect you to comment/upvote other ccc-members as well.
Upvote good content only with at least 200+ words. Show some love and engage.

  • Art, drawings, photos are welcome.
  • If you post at least 3 photos, fewer words are allowed.
  • No need to write in English.


  • 1 winner chosen out of all entries.
  • The winner gets 2 Steem
  • Bonus best entry 1 Steem
  • a 100% upvote for all participants by @team-ccc

You can find us on @team-ccc and @hive-166850.

This is an Invitation to join #ccc. We support members by encouraging and upvoting each other and by hosting contests. See @team-ccc for contests running.

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@wakeupkitty you have entry #2

 last month 

This contest is closed. If you like to join see 3.16

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