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Community life isn't easy especially not for introverts, those with not as many social skills and people who are simply not interested in joining the club. I understand it because I am an outsider and it has always been that way. It wasn't only because I felt different but my looks and behaviour (norms and values included) are different too. I go my own way and try out what I think or believe is good. Good for me or those close to me. At times I was called naive but I am also called, reckless, shameless and of course selfish. Interesting enough all those names others threw at me were by community members who practised these "skills" themselves. They, those extroverts, had something I didn't have: a big mouth and the guts to force themselves upon others, dominate them and use them for their benefits. Watching from the sideline it might look awesome and easily believe this is the way but... this isn't me and I don't like to be such a person. With every action, you can count on a reaction plus it brings responsibility.
Each community comes with expectations and has its rules. If you can live with these rules, do your share a warm embrace will wait for you. If you only stop by for the benefits or when you are in need you can count on friction.

Online communities (platforms/clubs) can be threatening. Frequently there are subgroups within one community and people are not willing to mingle with those who are different no matter how hard the others try.


It's all about the money and that won't change by saying it's not true. We admire the wealthy and successful ones, the big whales and especially those who became rich overnight. We easily forget how we scolded them once we receive that big tip. If we receive it it's deserved and fair. If someone else does it's unfair because we are better. Better writers, better investors than all those other losers. We easily call ourselves the better person, the harder worker, the honest one. We believe we are honest if we say it's not about the money, not about the free cryptocurrency and we do not care if we are not tipped, upvoted, liked, commented or promoted. Of course, we do it all out of fun. It's the fun that brought us here and... the hope. The hope to get what belongs to us or... to be discovered, discovered and receive that helping hand. But what if no one reaches out for you? What if you are invisible no matter how hard you try? What if everyone believes you already won the jackpot and they only see what they like to see... You that greedy person not willing to give your whole pie to them?

Investing is an art believe me. No matter if it comes to relationships or cryptocurrencies it takes time. I never thought it would take half of a lifetime to make friends and above all to befriend me. I never imagined I would invest but here I am three years later and I try. I keep it simple because it's the only way I can do it and indeed I will never get rich. This new world of blockchains, cryptocurrencies came too late for me just like publishing and communities I like to be. Still, I go for the money, the coin, the token and I am not ashamed to admit it. I trade, buy, earn, keep it simple and invest if not for me for my children. This year I introduced two children to the world of cryptocurrency. It will be their future and I explain, still send coins to trade with and invest and you know what? I am happy I can do this because there's no future if it comes to dollars, pounds or euros. Cryptocurrencies are the new savings and it's better to realize that and start with it while you still can and learn all about it.


A faith community (brotherhood/sisterhood) is what creed stands for. To me, this isn't about a religious community. Why not? Because each community, platform, or place where people are united, live by the same principle is a faith community.
Sharing the same moralities, ideas, promoting what you believe in, helping out, showing respect, fighting for and enjoying the luxury of freedom of speech and investing in the future are disciplines each one of us should live by if we join this community. A community willing to accept us for who we are and even reaches out for us and makes it possible to earn and invest in ourselves.

Each good relation comes from both sides.

This is my entry to the CCC contest What does CCC mean to you? 3.47 hosted by @team-ccc/@hive-166850

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Thank you for your entry. We really hope the members will read this and are willing to invest in the community, the members.