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Last week @reinaldoverdu and @heartbeat1515 joined and I hope you reader will too.

How many of you hope for someone to read you?

I know we are with many but perhaps you like someone to read you once in a while. I know I do and of course sooner or later it will happen. Someone will read my post, perhaps coincidentally by searching for a certain subject or s/he bumps into it and the message, my message is read at the right moment.
I know it happens because it happens to me, if I just read I always find something special or interesting even if I cannot comment because I am not on that certain platform (you cannot subscribe everywhere right).

I join Steemit for over three years.

Over a year ago I read, commented and upvoted a lot. I belonged to the top 10, frequently the top 3 and a few times I was #1.
Indeed it does take a lot of time but it is the way to connect. To find people with the same interests.

It's for the third week in a row I use the béta version of #PlaySteem.
Although it's slow due to my connection and it crashes once in a while it works. This means I can finally do something back again for the Steemit community. I like to read and comment you and give you an upvote but...

You need to take the first step.

How? By leaving the link of your article underneath this post if you like me to read it.

Rules for now

  • leave the link of your article as a comment
  • say in short what you wrote about
  • as long as we are not with many I will upvote your article and comment!
  • please, do not leave a link older than 6 days
  • Deadline: May 4, 2021

_Like everyone I have 10 daily tips of 100%. I am working hard on increasing my SP.

Last week I powered up with 90+ SP

If enough people show interest I might transfer some extra #Steem for the best, most creative, inspiring, informative (you name it) article and like you know each Steem comes with extra #Tron (TRX)._

CCC = #hive-166850

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#kittywu #neoxian #palnet

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Hello, this is the link to my article.

This is just an article about the best moment of my life, it was the day i was awarded the best student of my school. It was a beautiful day and a dream come through. There was party and merriment that day. Its was a great day for me.

I am looking forward to read it. Thanks for dropping your link. 💖