GIVEAWAY: Let's read, comment & upvote

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How many of you hope for someone to read you?

I know we are with many but perhaps you like someone to read you once in a while. I know I do and of course sooner or later it will happen. Someone will read my post, perhaps coincidentally by searching for a certain subject or s/he bumps into it and the message, my message is read at the right moment.
I know it happens because it happens to me, if I just read I always find something special or interesting even if I cannot comment because I am not on that certain platform (you cannot subscribe everywhere right).

I join Steemit for over three years.

Over a year ago I read, commented and upvoted a lot. I belonged to the top 10, frequently the top 3 and a few times I was #1.
Indeed it does take a lot of time but it is the way to connect. To find people with the same interests.

It's for the second week I use #PlaySteem.
Although it's slow due to my connection and it crashes once in a while it works. This means I like to do something back for the community again. I like to read you, comment you and give you an upvote but...

You need to take the first step.

How? By leaving the link of your article underneath this post if you like me to read it.

Rules for now

  • leave the link of your post as a comment
  • say in short what you wrote about
  • do not leave a link older than 6 days
  • Deadline: May 4, 2021

Like everyone I have 10 daily tips of 100%. I am working hard on increasing my SP. If enough people are interested I might transfer some extra #Steem for the best or most creative, inspiring, informative (you name it) article and like you know each Steem comes with extra #Tron (TRX) for you.

#steemitexclusive #ccc #giveaway #kittywu #letsread

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So the app that I recommend is useful to you, I am pleased to know that I have helped you. I'm already starting to get active doing publications with my new laptop.

Here is the link, and I hope you can really participate as before and that things improve. Boo Kitty Boo! -.)

This post is about what that day means to me

3rd try...

I am happy with PlaySteem it helps me although it crashes at times and if a notification shows up when I am using is (like now) I am kicked out.

Super your laptop works. I am happy for you.

the app is good although it is made by a young boy with little experience and it is not known if it will be maintained or updated. Let me see if I can get the developer link for you to comment and tell them that you use it from a far away part of the world. Maybe that will motivate him and take care of improving it, hopefully that is the case and you can work better.

I miss the phone because there I can make emoticons, and from linux on this pc I have not yet found an easy way to do it, but the rustic and old way that is this :)

The old way is good enough ;)

I read a post of the developer about the notifications which showed some failures with him. I responded on it and as far as I understood they wait for approvement of the play store. If there's no update it's fine too.

I believe there are sights where you can find emoticons but am not sure how it works. It's not important though.

He answered me and is working on it. Said the 64 should be better and the notifications issue is known.

This is actually my entry for the contest looking back, looking forward to 3.45.

The old house that I once live in, and once again sharing the same song from the previous entry. I feel connected to the song and this is my story.
Thank you for this giveaway.

You can leave each link and as many as you like. A good song deserves attention..

Thank you